How to organize a thorough cleaning of a home?

In the apartment cleaning NYC, tasks should be divided to better organize what you want to clean and what needs to be cleaned in each room. They are noted and crossed out as they are done. When hiring a cleaning company, it is important to agree on a priori what are the tasks to be carried out, as well as to specify those surfaces and delicate objects.

Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen:

The toilet, the sink, the shower or bathtub, the bidet, the windows are cleaned and disinfected. Then, the cabinets are organized and the towels are left to wash. It is preferable not to use the same gloves to clean the bathroom as for the rest of the house.

In the case of the kitchen, you start by washing dirty dishes, drying them, and putting them away. Then the upper cabinets are cleaned, everything is taken out, what is not used is discarded and it is disinfected both inside and out.

This process must be repeated in the rest of the cabinets. Next, the refrigerator is cleaned in the same way, both inside and outside. Next, the tiles are cleaned and a joint cleaner is applied. Finally, the light bulbs, the curtains, and the windows are cleaned.

Clean bedrooms and living room:

First, the bedroom beds are made and the wardrobe, dresser, and nightstands are tidied up. Later, the dust is cleaned both inside and outside the furniture. It sweeps, the windows and curtains are cleaned and the floor is scrubbed.

In the living room, the sofa is tidied up, a textile cleaner is applied and rubbed. This same process is carried out in the same way in chairs and armchairs. The furniture is cleaned and the interior of each one of them is ordered. Lamps, curtains, and glass are cleaned, the floor is swept, and finally scrubbed.

Cleaning the exterior of the home:

This phase includes both the glass on the outside and the patio, balconies, and yard if any. Leaves, dust, and dirt should be swept up. Scrub with an outdoor mop, clean windows and doors, and finally to water and take care of the plants.

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