How to Outsource App Development Without Failing

So, you have an app idea in your mind? And, you have made a business plan as well? But, you are a startup and only have one technical member in your team and thus planning to outsource your project to a reliable mobile app development company.

Or perhaps there is another typical scenario: you have an in-house team of developers but they are stuck and you are looking for technical assistance. In both cases, outsourcing your project is a good option. Let’s see how:

  • If you are lacking in the budget to support an in-house team, then hiring an external mobile app development company in UK can save quite some budget
  • You want to avoid team management at this point and focus on the core of your business.
  • You have a unique app idea and you need the assistance of app development experts to get the desired results.

The benefit of outsourcing your requirement to a mobile app development company can be huge provided that you just keep in mind some roadblocks that can hamper your experience.

Here are some tips that will help you outsource app development without failing:

Check Company Reviews:

This is a must. You can check the reviews of the company on websites like Clutch and Goodfirm, and try to find what review they have got from their previous clients.

  • Check Portfolio and Ask Expertise:

Consider checking the portfolio of the company and see whether they have developed apps/ software on trending technologies.

Systango, mobile app development company London, holds experience in all the in-demand technologies such as React Native, Swift, Flutter and more. You can visit our website to check our app development projects.

It is also good to check whether the company has previously worked on an app similar to your domain. This can make the development process a bit smooth.

  • Communication and Collaboration Options:

While outsourcing mobile development to offshore based, communication can be a problem. However, you can overcome this challenge by asking the prospect companies about the tools they are using for the communication purpose. You can also check if they are comfortable providing you assistance according to the standard time of your region.

We, at Systango, a mobile app development company in UK, communicate and collaborate with our clients through tools like Skype, Trello, Asana, Google Meet and Zoom.

  • Discuss your Requirements:

It is good to share your vision and requirements clearly with the team. They should be aware of your business plan and goals that you want to achieve through your app. This will serve two purposes, you can get an idea of whether they are helping you with extra inputs or suggestions or this is just a money-making project for them. Secondly, sharing the requirements and goals clearly will make your mobile app development company act according to it since the beginning.

  • Have an Expert by your Side:

If you are not tech-savvy, then it is good to get in touch with someone who understands the current tech trends as well as the technicalities. This will make it easy for you to choose the right mobile app development company London.

  • Know your Team:

While outsourcing mobile app development, it is not enough to check portfolio and reviews. You should ask how many developers will be working on your project? What is the core expertise of the developers? Do they have past work experience? Are they aware of the current programming trend? Try to connect with your team and check whether they have some innovative ideas to make the development process simple or quick.

  • Do they conduct rigorous testing:

Testing is a crucial part of the app development process. Ask your prospect company if they have quality analysts and testing experts in their team? What all steps they follow to make sure that the app is free of bugs and errors. Make sure that the app development company you have selected performs rigorous testing of the app.

  • Don’t Get Tempted by Cheap Rates:

Last, but not the least, make sure that you are not simply outsourcing your project to the company because they have cheaper rates compared to the other app development companies in the market. Remember, you have already invested a lot in the project, so don’t take a risk by considering cheap developers. Keep other factors in mind too.

Outsourcing mobile app development is a daunting job. Don’t rush and take a decision wisely, the right choice can reap you several benefits in the long run.

Systango, mobile app development company London, has collaborated with both Startups and well-established enterprises to cater to their app development requirement. Working with Systango as your outsourcing partner provides you access to both backend and frontend experts, who are aligned to all the current tech trends and tactics.

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