How to Outsource Mobile App Development in 2020

According to the study by IHS Markit, the number of mobile users is estimated to grow to around 6 billion in the year 2020, accounting for 194 billion app downloads. These statistics indicate that investing in mobile app development is not just a trend but has become the need of the hour.

When you plan to develop an app, you either hire an in-house team of developers or outsource your requirement to a mobile application development company. Outsourcing app ideas decrease the overall costs of the project, shorten time-to-market, and also ensures the better quality of the product. As per Statista, around 52.5% of the IT companies outsource their development work.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can outsource mobile app development in 2020.

1. Create a Solid Outline of Your App:

A top-notch mobile application development company will offer its insights after the analysis of your business needs. However, it is better to have an initial idea of how you want your product to be, what features it should have, what would be the target audience of your product.

We, at Systango, a mobile app development company in UK, suggest our clients keep the following questions in mind when outlining an app idea:

  • How will the app help in the progress of the company?
  • What is the purpose of the application? How does it cater to the needs of your target audience?
  • What are the features that you want to include in your app?
  • Do you want a native app for iOS and Android or a cross-platform app?
  • What about the MVP and its cost?

Highlighting your requirements will help you narrow down the list of offshore companies. It will ensure that the product delivered is as expected.

2. Research App Developers:

From thousands of available options in the market, you need to choose a mobile app development company in UK that meets your requirements. These requirements include skills with particular technologies, experience with mobile app development, and so on. Then, you need to consider communication and geography.

There are three types of mobile app development providers depending on their location relative to you:

  • Onshore app developers — they are located in the same country as you.
  • Nearshore app developers — these companies are located in the neighboring countries or at least in the same continent.
  • Offshore developers- these are the companies that operate out of different continents than yours.

3. Estimate your Budget:

Estimating the budget is crucial when you are planning to outsource your app development project. This will help you pick the right mobile application development company.

We, at Systango (mobile app development company London) have found that off-the-shelf apps are usually cheaper than custom apps. However, they are also the least unique and not the ones that will stand out from the crowd.

When you are planning to develop something which is new and innovative, then it is better to outsource your requirement to app development companies over freelancers. Look for a mobile app development company in UK that can deliver a worthy result without breaking your bank.

4. Pick the right technology:

Deciding which technology is best for your app will have a far-reaching impact. Decide whether you need a native, progressive, or cross-platform app? What kind of database do you want to use? What analytics platform will you use? Which technology to prefer for native or cross-platform app development?

These are the important questions that should be answered when you outsource your requirement.

5. Is the company good in trending technologies?

When you are outsourcing the app development, make sure to hire a company that is good at trending technologies. Next-generation technologies like AI, Big Data, and Business Analytics are changing the way consumers interact. Moreover, a good agency knows how to leverage these technologies and boost the user appeal, functionalities, and relevance of your app.

Pick the company with experience on in-demand frameworks like Flutter, React Native, and also check the past work to get an idea of their designing skills.

6. Learn how passionate the agency is:

A great idea can only be converted into a great application when you have developers who are passionate about their work. Having experience in frameworks and the latest technologies is good, but they should also be passionate to use the technologies in the right way to deliver a distinctive application.

Along with technologies, the company should also be enthusiastic about creating an app with impressive UX. No matter, which technology you employ, an app with poor user experience will always fail to get the desired traction in the market.

If you outsource your requirement to a mobile application development company that is passionate about its work, you will get results that meet your goals.

Outsourcing app development is a risky feat, however, making the right choice can provide you with smooth experience during the overall development of the product. We, at Systango, a mobile app development company London provide our clients with result-driven products.

We are motivated to develop elegant and functional digital products that solve complex problems and cater to the needs of your target audience. We leverage modern technologies to turn ideas into life. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.

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