How to Pack Your Refrigerator for Your Move?

“To get tips on packing your refrigerator, kindly give the rest of this article a thorough read without any delay”.

Moving a refrigerator from your current house to the new one is quite tricky. You have to know the tricks to pack it in the right way. Moreover, you have to make sure that it doesn’t get damaged while in transit.

The best way to get rid of this headache is getting in touch with one of the best movers and storage services Los Angeles and asking them to pack and ship it for you. If you hire an experienced and reliable company, they will make sure that your machine is not damaged. They will use the right box and also use proper equipment so that it is safe and secure.

However, if you want to know how to move your fridge in the right way, kindly give this article a good read.

The first thing which you should know in this case is that you need some helping hands for moving your machine. And you will need a lot of things such as furniture sliders, rope, an appliance dolly with sturdy supporting straps, furniture blankets, work gloves, measuring tape, etc. And trust me, it is not that easy to get all these materials all by yourself. And once you are done moving the fridge, these materials won’thave any purpose. So why not hire professional movers in Los Angeles for this task who will come prepared with all these items? The suppliers ensure smooth and hassle-free relocation. Do not underestimate this step as this is the basic step that you have to follow.

You cannot just afford to load your refrigerator into a dolly and ask people to ship it to your house. You should start prepping up your fridge at least a day before the moving day. I would ask you to start prepping it up from two to three days prior to the relocation date.

Use up all the leftover food and make sure you take all the stuff out at least a week before the move. You can give away some of the items if you think that it is impossible to use so much of food items.

Unplug it from the power supply. You should also defrost the fridge by letting air pass through it. Keep the doors open for a few hours or simply switch on the defrost mode. Before you pack it for the move, you have to vigorously clean it. You can ask for professional help or simply do it by yourself. Use a non-abrasive sponge along with some diluted baking soda for the best effect. You should also take out all the removable parts of the fridge such as trays, lids, shelves, drawers, lids, etc. Wrap them up in bubble wraps once they are dry. If there is any kind of nasty odor, then try to get rid of the same by using baking soda. Trust me; baking soda is a miracle product.

Then you need to wrap the fridge properly, which is quite a tricky job. Trained Thousand Oaks movers can help you in the process. Proper floor protection becomes vital when it comes to moving it out. You must invest in it. Appliance dolly and furniture sliders would protect both the machine as well as the floors, furniture, etc.

When you are finally moving the fridge out of your current house, make sure that the path is clear. Ask someone to take care of your kids and pet.

Now that you know how to move a refrigerator, I hope that this blog won’t be a problem.

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