How to Pair and Set up a Surface Headphone with Cortana on Windows PC

Got a new Surface Headphone and want to try it? Surface Headphones are needed to connect with a device to play; you need to pair your new headphone with your iOS, Android, Windows, or macOS device. Do you know you can control your Surface headphone hands-free? After pairing your headphones with the device, you can set it up with Cortana to get a personal digital assistant and hands-free control. Here is how to pair and set up a Surface headphone with Cortana on Windows PC.

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Note: Not all countries or regions support Cortana on Surface headphones.

How to pair and set up Surface headphones with Cortana on Windows PC

Steps for pairing Surface headphones:

  1. Take your Surface headphone and click the ‘Power’ button to turn it on. Your headphone is now in pairing mode you’ll also hear a voice message saying the headphone is in pairing mode.

Note: If you’ve already paired the headphone with another device earlier then you need to press and hold down the ‘Power’ button to activate pairing mode.

  1. Now, start your Windows PC.
  2. Open ‘Start.’
  3. Go to ‘Settings.’
  4. Click on ‘Devices.’
  5. Then select ‘Bluetooth & Other devices.’
  6. Click on ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices.’
  7. Choose ‘Bluetooth.’
  8. Select your ‘Surface Headphone.’
  9. Click ‘Done.’

The headphone is connected to your Windows PC. Now, you can start using it, to set up Cortana follow the below steps.

Steps for setting up with Cortana:

You need to sign in to Cortana with personal Microsoft account to set up Surface headphones with Cortana.

  • Make sure you’re signed in to Cortana with your personal account. Open the ‘Search box’ and select ‘Notebook’ to verify your account.
  • If you’re not signed in with an account, select ‘Sign in’ and enter your Microsoft account’s sign in details.
  • After signing in to Cortana, you need to download an application called ‘Cortana Device Setup.’ You can install the software directly from Microsoft Store or click ‘Devices’ and then click on ‘Get the app.’
  1. Now, open ‘Cortana.’
  2.   Click ‘Devices.’
  3. Click ‘Add a new device.’
  4. Select the on-screen instructions to complete setting up.

Your Surface headphone will get set up with Cortana. You can change the Cortana language from the ‘Manage’ section.

Tips: To change Cortana’s language

  1. Open ‘Cortana.’
  2. Go to ‘Devices.’
  3. Select ‘Manage.’
  4. Click ‘Manage my Surface headphones.’
  5. Go to ‘Preferences.’
  6. Choose a language from the list.
  7. Wait for your selected language to download and install.
  8. Set up your language.

Now, communicate with Cortana in your language, answer phone calls, change music, and much more.

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