How To Pair GoPro With your Android Device

Pairing your GoPro with your smartphone can be very useful you can set aside your action camera and control it using your mobile phone. By connecting the two devices, an individual can edit, record, or share all the captured videos and pictures with great ease. Moreover pairing GoPro with the mobile device allows the user to access different modes for shooting a video.

Connect GoPro with Android

It is essential to know that the recorded video quality may appear inferior while viewing on a mobile device. Still by accessing the actual video file, the picture quality would be clear and according to the settings of your GoPro camera. To pair your GoPro with your Android mobile device, follow the steps given below.

  • Launch the Google Play Store application on your android smartphone and type “GoPro” inside the search bar.
  • Now download the GoPro free app on your mobile device. Although the application is free to download, still users can also avail additional services by in-app purchases.
  • After downloading and installing the application, users will have to link their GoPro camera with their mobile devices. To do so, users will have to head to the setup menu of their GoPro by holding the “Mode” button.
  • Then choose the “Pair” or “Connect” option from the list.
  • Now launch the GoPro application on your android devices and select your camera device to establish a connection between the two devices.

By going through the steps mentioned above, an individual can easily pair their GoPro with their smartphone. There are two prominent means to establish a connection between your mobile and GoPro camera. Either you can choose the Wi-Fi option, or you can opt for Bluetooth connection to link your two devices.

It is recommended to use Wi-Fi for pairing GoPro with mobile devices as a Wi-Fi connection is much more stable and fast in operating in comparison to Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth pairing is also possible with GoPro, which enables a user to operate a Wi-Fi connection for internet services.

After connecting your camera with mobile phone you will be able to operate all the features of GoPro directly through your mobile. Users can record videos through their camera in different modes and settings by using the phone. Pairing the GoPro device with mobile can definitely ease the life of a user as they can store, edit, and share all their recorded videos by using their mobile phones.

Source: Pair GoPro with Android Device | Dell Printer Support

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