The V Bar pulldown, also recognized as the cable pull down, is a composite workout devised to work the Latissimus dorsi (the middle back muscle) as well as the arms (primarily the biceps muscles). However, there are many approaches to accomplish this exercise. It most often is done using the equipment with a bar and pulley.


Although it can be beneficial for strengthening the middle of the back and arms, it is only a fabulous exercise if it performed correctly. The V bar pulldown machine is one of the most wrongly practiced equipment in the gym, followed by Cable Pulldown. The correct way of accomplishing this exercise described below, you can straight jump to that section if you are here to learn the method.


Only those who have very mobile joints can do this exercise properly to keep their spines straight enough. If this move made incorrectly, you could experience restricted movements of arms and burning sensation in surrounding muscles, causing stretched feeling post-workout. If practiced long in the wrong way, you can experience shoulder impingement, a tear, and fatigue in the rotator cuff muscles, subluxation, dislocation, or even cervical vertebrae damage. Here is the correct way of doing the V-Bar Pulldown


How To Perform Proper V-Bar Pulldown Workout


1) Fasten a v-bar to the top pulley lat pulldown equipment and hold the bar in palm facing each other manner with a general grip not to tight because it will hinder the natural movement.


2) Sit down on this fitness equipment, which is about to make your back muscles super strong and defined. Adjust the knee pad according to your comfort and in a way that it securely locks your legs to avoid wobbly motion.


3) Set your back in less than a 30-degree angle make sure it’s not way back; you will do the work, don’t copy someone’s posture, and try to find your comfortable angle as it will do a significant transformation in your results.


4) Following, puff out your chest and retract your shoulder muscles to improve lat activation and muscle target.


5) Holding this posture, pull the V bar down to your below the neck and above your mid-chest while keeping your elbows tucked in. Always concentrate on pulling the weight downward using your elbows rather than fingers and writs force, and focus your attention on clutching the lats during the sets.


6) Rest for 5 seconds in you are mesomorph personality in the entirely contracted state, increase the weight back up but in a manageable state, and continue for anywhere from 6-15 reps depending on your training proficiency.  To improve your performance, you consider using Gym weight belt as this will enhance postural stability.


Note, no matter what workout you are focusing on or what specific muscle group you are targeting is essential to always focus on using the right technique by body consciousness and visualization of joint mobility and muscle-flexing. To avoid muscle fracture and injury, pay regard to day to day body signs, and hear what your body is saying to reap the maximum benefits. If you want to achieve the best physique, make it a rule never “work through” chronic pain or any discomfort that could be the source of an overuse injury. Hope after reading this, you got the idea on how to use V bar pull down correctly. For more information, visit today.

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