How to Pick a Memorable Wedding Venue & Make it the Best Day Ever

So you finally got engaged and now you are ready to book your wedding venue! There are many great Chester County wedding venues, but you should try and take this process seriously and with caution! To help you plan out the best day of your life, the folks from Penn Oaks Golf Club have prepared some tips for securing your wedding venue.

Natural Scenery & Photo Spots One of the most important things you need at an above-average wedding venue is an above-average set of natural scenery. This helps make your wedding photos much more memorable. Besides, it will help you to best enjoy the moment of your special day!

You Need a Coordinator that Knows the Drill One of the common mistakes that people make when booking a venue is to not have a coordinator. The coordinator is often supplied by the venue and has attended 100s and 100s of weddings at this venue before. This person will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and without issues.

Great Food & Attractive Dining Space One of the trademarks of a successful wedding is to have high-quality food. Food is not as impressive without an attractive dining space with lots of room for all your guests. Noise levels are something to consider here as well. After all, you want to be able to talk with your guests without things getting too loud.

Combining Reception & Ceremony into One Spot One of the common time-wasters that couples make is to book a ceremony across town from where the reception is taking place. To best preserve time and make the most of your special day, try to pick a venue that can combine your reception and ceremony at the same place!

Ask About Vendors Certain party venues in West Chester PA will come included with things like a bartender, chef, and so on. However, if there are certain things you are looking for in particular while searching through banquet halls in Delaware County PA, then be sure to ask about these things right away!

Thinking of Hosting your Wedding in Pennsylvania? Many of the party venues West Chester PA for hosting venues fall short to Penn Oaks Golf Club in terms of overall amenities. If you want a venue with 5-star dining, great natural views, white-glove service, and a full set of staff ready, then consider coming by to see us here at Penn Oaks Golf Club.

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