How to Pick the Best Artificial Christmas Tree

Getting an artificial tree for the holidays is often a much better option than getting a real one. The cost you incur by buying a new one every year is a good enough reason to make that move, the Money Crashers says. Also, artificial trees don’t harbor mold, fungi, or bugs, the ABC15 notes. Real trees, too, require a ton of maintenance since they need to be watered continuously. You also need to sweep the floor regularly for fallen needles.

If you’ve got a busy schedule, though, shopping for the best Christmas tree is a daunting task. We’ve rounded up a few things to help you figure out which options will work for your home.

Think About Your Space

Where do you plan to put the tree? The tip of the tree should be about six inches from the ceiling. Get the measurements of the spot or room to give you an idea of how much room you have. That will also determine the size of your tree. If it’s too big, it may not fit in the spot. You can also check out slim artificial trees if space is a concern.

Pick Out the Lights

You can shop for pre-lit trees or add string lights. Pre-lit options are convenient and available in a slew of shades—from clear to white to multicolored choices. However, if you love changing things up every year, an unlit tree will work much better for you. You can experiment with more looks and styles.

Consider the Pine Needles

Not all artificial trees are alike. You’d be surprised at how many options are out there, from the different colors and styles right up to the design of the pine needles. If you want a tree that’s as close as possible to a real evergreen, you can check out realistic options. Others may not fit that bill, but they may look ideal with their voluminous branches.

Choose the Shape

There are a variety of shapes that you can pick from. They run from slim options to realistic ones. Larger, fuller trees tend to be popular, but if you’ve got a small apartment or home, thin or slim options will do.

Remember the Accents

For a realistic touch, add Christmas-tree scented candles to complete the look. Aromatherapy oils will also help. Think about investing in tree decors and ornaments as well. Plenty of people just go with “The more, the merrier” idea. But overloading the branches with glass balls and ginger-bread-inspired ornaments isn’t the only way to do it. Explore plenty of designs online to see what else you can do to create the perfect Christmas tree for the holidays this year.

Choose Convenience

Trees come with two different styles of branches: one that come with a hinged design and another one with a hook-in design. Hinged branches are permanently secured in place, making them easier to set up. Hook-in designs require that you put the branches in each individual spot in the pole, which makes for a longer set-up time, but provides the perfect bonding opportunity with loved ones.

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