How to Place an order through eBay?

eBay, America’s largest online marketplace, offers its customers access to millions of items across thousands of different categories including Books, Electronics, Home & Garden, Music, and Movies – among many others. As well as offering the convenience of shopping 24/7 from the comfort of their own home, eBay makes it easy and affordable for people around the world to sell their unwanted goods and make some extra cash. Whether you’re looking to earn extra money or just want to try something new, eBay can help you turn your old items into cash.

Your payment is based on two things – the number of bids received and the time it takes for your item to sell. When bidding ends, eBay calculates the final amount due to you, which is displayed after the auction has ended. If no bids are placed during the auction, then no payment is made.  Sometimes order cancellation on eBay is a little bit tricky you can read here how to cancel an eBay order.

Easy steps to know how to place an order through eBay from the Website and App

How to place an order through eBay from the website:-

Follow these easy steps to know How to place an order through eBay from the website:-

  1. On the first visit to the eBay website on the login page and enter the user id and password, click on the green button titled “buy” to proceed to the shopping cart.
  2. You can add items by clicking on the checkbox. To remove items, just uncheck them. Tab on the box and then tap OK. You will now be able to delete any item that you do not need or want to spend money on.
  3. Click on the cart icon at the top right to proceed to checkout. Enter your email address and create a password if necessary. Remember to use the same password you created when placing your first order. If you have never placed an order before, this is not a problem.
  4. Next enter billing information and payment details. Select PayPal as your method. Click Continue. Next, select your shipping country. Choose USPS to get your package shipped via mail.
  5. Choose how soon you would like to receive your product. You may choose 1-day, 2-days, 5-days, or 10-days. Then click continue. Enter your personal information here. In the “Personal Information” section, please fill out the shipping address and phone number.
  6. After filling out the information, hit continue again. Enter the tracking code and click submit. Now you have a completed transaction!

How to place an order through eBay from the App:-

Follow these easy steps to know How to place an order through eBay from the App:-

  1. Download the app on your phone
  2. Go to eBay’s website and log in using your email address and password
  3. Click on the mobile application tab at the top right corner of the screen then click on the ‘apps’ option
  4. Search for ‘eBay’ under the apps category
  5. Once the app appears, tap on it to open the application page
  6. Select the ‘buy’ button on the top center of the screen
  7. Enter the amount you want to buy and select the seller
  8. If you find the product you’re looking for, tap on the ‘add to cart button
  9. You’ll receive a confirmation once the transaction is complete
  10. Once the payment is cleared, the product should arrive soon
  11. Check out your items by tapping on the ‘view’ button under the search bar
  12. Tap on the shopping bag’ icon to save your items in your shopping cart
  13. Finish shopping by tapping the ‘continue’ button at the bottom left corner of the screen
  14. After selecting the shipping method, tap on ‘checkout’.

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