How to Play HD and 3D Songs on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Studio is one of the fantastic music studios by Amazon and it was specially made for Amazon’s Echo studio. Amazon recently added music service where Amazon’s provide high-quality Music on its music service. Amazon also launched an HD music service, which offers 10 times better streaming quality comparing to its previous music services. Now Amazon is introducing the streaming service to the Echo as well. Here are the steps on how to do so:

How to Set up HD Music Service on Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon Echo studio service is offering millions of Music and now Amazon HD service also provides the same in HD audio Quality. You have to know first about Amazon HD service what does exactly Amazon does, you know about Amazon music service providing unlimited song available in their catalogs. Approx. 50 million songs available in SD quality up to 320kbps that is also highest streaming services, or recently Amazon introducing HD (High Quality) song up to 850kbps double streaming quality of SD songs.

There are also millions of Music are available to listing on HD quality on Amazon HD service up to 3730 kbps approx 10 times more quality of SD (Standard Streaming) bit rate.

Here Are Steps to Action

1.    Connect your Amazon Echo studio to the setup process.

2.    Subscribe Amazon Music HD, or you can upgrade your Music Unlimited subscription if you are existing users.

3.    Start Enjoying your High-quality Music.

How to Enable 3d Music Service on the Amazon Echo Studio

Amazon is also offering a 3D music service, where music audio quality comes from High definition service. Amazon also informs that their 3D music service has the best quality of bit rate comparing to SD quality audio format. There are lots of plans for 3D users like adding Space, sounds clarity, and excellent audio experience. You can access 3D music service via Amazon Echo studio.

If you are plugged in your Amazon Echo Studio, then you have to activate Amazon HD Music Subscription. Here is how:

1. Tap on the Amazon Alexa Application into your mobile phones.

2. Click on the device.

3. Hit on Echo and Alexa.

4. Search your Echo Studio Device and hit on the Echo Studio.

5. Hit on Audio Setting under the Audio icon.

6. Hit on the slider bar Stereo Spatial Enhancement (its depend on which version of the application using in your phones)

7. Now your Phone is ready to add Space, music Clarity so that you can add on behalf of your listening.

3D Music subscription has the most significant selling features for the Amazon Echo Studio music service. So you have to do setting in your Amazon Alexa application to check the sound on your taste. If you have not subscribed to Amazon music, then you are not able to use the Stereo Spatial Enhancement setting.

Amazon Top Equipment Picks

Connecting with Amazon Echo Studio with Amazon Music HD is one of the best ways to get the best quality of sound.

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