How To Play Razz Poker Online And Other Online Poker Games

Online poker games are getting more popular each day. It would help if you tried out at least once since it is fun, exciting and unique. If you’re bored of playing one variant of poker, you need not worry since it has so many variants you’ll get tired of looking into them.

When you play poker, you will learn about some of the most beloved variants it has to offer like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, Seven-card, and numerous others. Not only that you can also participate in poker tournaments happening online right now and win big cash prizes.

Moving on we shall talk about an exciting poker variant you can try out today – Razz poker.

Razz poker is a type of seven-card poker the only distinction being in Razz the lowest hand wins. It gets played similarly to it as it is one of its variants. Let us look into how to play this riveting variant.

  1. Ante – Even before the bets get placed, the ante is the payment you need to make. Whether it is a game of seven-card stud, hi-lo or Razz, there needs to be a payment done before each hand starts. At the beginning of each round, you have to make a compulsory payment.
  1. Third Street – Post ante the game begins. The third card that gets dealt with the players is known as the third street. This takes place after the first two cards which are face down get handled with the players.

The suit hierarchy in the third street is as follows –

  • Spades
  • hearts
  • diamonds
  • clubs

Players get options of –

  • Call
  • Raise
  • Fold
  1. Fourth Street – The second upcard or the fourth street card gets dealt in this round. So either all the players have folded or matched the bet, and the first hand is over.
  1. Fifth Street – This takes place in the third round of betting. All the players have either checked or matched the betting. A new upcard gets dealt, and a new hand begins.
  1. Sixth Street – This is the fourth betting round of the game. Active players in the game receive a fourth upcard. This rounds’ the second last one before the showdown takes place. This round is where things intensify for the players who are still in the game.
  1. Seventh Street – The final round before the showdown. A final upcard gets dealt with the players, and they have to place their bets. Seventh street is your last chance to raise the stakes of the game and win big.
  1. Showdown – As the name suggests, this is the round where you have a showdown with the remaining players. The winner with the lowest five-card hand wins and takes how the money.

There you have all the information on how to play Razz poker. This game has a huge fan following especially during World poker series. So try it out today.

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