There is no doubt that Real money games can help you earn well. And if you are living in India, well the time has come when you can earn real money by playing games with Ludo League.

The online Ludo game is a skill-based real money online video game that is played by four people and here you can challenge the online opponents, bet money and if successful, you can win exciting prize money.



This is first kind of a skill-based real money game in India that is launched by Ludo League Company.

This digital Ludo game provides a platform for skilled people who want to play video games as well as earn some money.


Ho to play it?

In the real Money Ludo game, a person can challenge his opponent or the computer and can easily play the real money game. If you win, you will be rewarded; else, you have to pay for your loss.


Game rules:

The player has to follow these rules:

  • Up to four players can play this real money game.
  • To start the game, 6 or 1 must be rolled.
  • With one or more token, a player can move forward. In the case of 6, the player can choose to advance a token already in-game.
  • The rolling of 6 earns the player an additional move, and another 6 gives him a bonus.
  • Players will only move the token according to the rolled value of the dice.
  • If the piece falls on the same space of the same color, the piece will take the forward space, and if the piece falls on its own pieces, it becomes double, which the opponent cannot pass.
  • The double piece will move only half.
  • Only a double piece can capture the other double.


How to install?

The online ludo game can be installed from its official website:

From there, you can follow the instructions and can get the Ludo League game on your laptop or smartphone and with a reliable internet connection, you can challenge and play with other players.


How will you get the money?

If you like to gamble or willing to bet money and enjoy the thrill of it, then you can easily get paid from Ludo League.

The winning person will receive money in his secure digital wallet and he can withdraw the cash after deduction of a certain amount of Tax from it.

In case of any error, Ludo League has refund and cancellation policy. The game does not delete your previous records even if you uninstall it for the time being and protects your personal information from every unauthorized site.

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