How To Play: Shell Shockers

Controls Gamepad is now supported! WASD to move Left-click to shoot E to change weapon Q to throw a grenade R to reload Space to jump Shift to zoom and aim


About Shell Shockers

A great product from the blue wizard. Massively multiplayer online shooting game that appeals to everyone with its simple graphics and interesting maps.

How to play

You can start the game at shell shockers, the game has a guest mode and a membership mode. For starters, the guest mode is the fastest way to start the game. At the start, you have the opportunity to choose the items that best suit your skills. We will start with the item Eggk 447 – A great item to start the game with (statistics show that up to 60% of players choose this item to start) it is a great item for your dash, and support teammates. Once you’ve chosen the right item for you, press play to begin your journey


The control mechanism is extremely simple, if you are familiar with or have played through any FPS game, it will not be too difficult to get used to shelling shockers.

Keyboard and mouse
  1. W: Forward
  2. S: Backward
  3. A: Left
  4. D: Right
  5. Left Mouse: Action
  6. SHIFT: Aim
  7. SPACE: Jump
  8. R: Reload
  9. E: Swap Item
  10. Q: Special Item
  1. 0: JUMP
  2. 7: Action
  3. 6: Aim
  4. 2: Reload
  5. 3: Swap Item
  6. 5: Special Item

You can also actively turn off and on unnecessary game sounds. This customization is accessible through the main screen.

Besides playing for free, you can experience the paid feature of the game. Shell Shockers offers 3 packages $6/1 month, $14/6 month, and $49/1 year. With paid, you will not need to see ads, and many items to customize. many special rewards and get 2x points for every turn.

How to win in Shell Shockers 

The first thing you need to do is get used to how to move in the game. Find the right items and roles that match your skills. Once we have done the above two things, let’s learn the basic tactics of the game.

What is a tactic?

Simply, it is the method that players use to win. Each player will have their own strategy, the article will summarize popular strategies and have a high winning rate to introduce.

There are many tactics, divided into 3 basic types General Tactics, Weaponry Tactics, And Utility Tactics, based on different circumstances that players will choose the right tactics to bring about the final victory.

General Tactics

Used quite commonly, this tactic emphasizes the dominance of location and quantity compared to the opponent. This strategy will emphasize hiding, tracking, and appearing where the opponent is most difficult to defend.

Utility Tactics

This strategy emphasizes optimal calculation and superiority over the opponent, players need to fight for important positions, Get to the high ground, and coordinate with teammates to create an advantage in combat.

Weaponry tactics

Based on the characteristics of the item, players will have different approaches to opponents

Lots of tactics have actually been the topic of scrutiny due to the fact that the overuse of them, after that ripping off that enters into play, and unreasonable benefit. While there are many countermeasures absorbed in the game to avoid these, such as diverse spawning areas as well as the absence of good camping places. Sometimes gamers can make use of software applications such as aimbot in their video game to enhance their performance.

Best item in shell shockers

EggK-47 is one the best item in the game, like I said before, new players will choose this item for the first time. It’s good, classic, and easy to use.

The Scrambler is a risky choice for warriors, its mobility is not high but its mastery of tight spaces and complex terrain makes it a reliable item on the battlefield.

RPEGG is the last thing I want to face in the game. Because every time it comes up my round is over.

The Free Ranger class is implied to be used for long-range combat. When aiming, the gun focuses to an extent. This scope focuses a more amount closer than when out of the range, to aid in long-range capturing


The game is a great combination of animated graphics and powerful gameplay. Very worthwhile to experience the game screen and great teammates. If you have played, you will recommend shell shockers to others

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