How to Play the Mobile Game of Call of Duty On Your PC

The mobile game of Call of Duty is one of the best battle games. This great mobile game has become the next big thing in the entire mobile gaming world. This Mobile Game of Call of Duty is the most interesting game that is loved and popular among its users ever since it was launched. In the very first week of its launch, the game scored over 100 million of its users. And not only this, but this game has also beaten up the other popular games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. This popular battle mobile game offers its users some really amazing features like weapons, maps, characters, and many more and makes it feel real when you play the game and that’s the reason why people love playing this game. If you are a fan of this game and want to enjoy it on the big screen of your PC, just read our full article. Here in the following article, we are going to show you some ways through which you can run this battle game on your PC screens.

Running the Mobile Game- Call of Duty on Windows PC

The Call of Duty- Mobile Game is full of actions, both in multiplayer as well as in royale gameplay. In such battle games like this, you use guns and all other weapons. It seems not much interesting to play such games like this on the small screen of your phone. Because in a PC, you have a large screen and a keyboard where everything looks more clear and realistic. An official PC emulator has been released specially for playing this game on the PC by Tencent, the co-developer of this great mobile game known by the name of the Call of Duty. So, why wait, instead of playing this game on your PC. Check out the steps to get the game on your PC.

Step 1. To start playing this game, firstly, you need to download the Mobile Gameloop emulator on your PC. Install the file once it is downloaded.

Step 2. After the installation of the emulator, it’s time to launch it on your PC where you can find a variety of games available to play. Now search for the game COD on the game center tab and install it on your PC.

Step 3. After installation of the game, launch it on your PC, hit the Play button. After launching the game, it will ask you to log in to your account.

Step 4. You can log in using your Facebook or Twitter account after which you will reach the home screen of the game.

While playing COD on your PC, you can compete with the other players as well as the emulator that you have installed on your PC will be matched with the other players.


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