How to Play with Your Buddy for Friendship Challenge in Pokemon Go

Nintendo’s perseverance of including new stuff to Pokemon Go is commendable. Even though the game is nearly four years old, it still seems like new, thanks to the persistence of Nintendo. A while ago, the game received an event known as Go Fest event and now a challenge named Friendship Challenge has arrived in the game through it.
The Challenge contains various small quests that gamers have to accomplish to complete the Friendship Challenge. Although there are multiple quests available in the Friendship Challenge; however, in this article, we are only going to discuss playing with your buddy quest. Below we have provided a proper workaround to complete Play with your buddy quest of Friendship Challenge in Pokemon Go.
How to Play with Your Buddy for Friendship Challenge
Gamers first need to initiate this process by choosing a Buddy Pokemon. Players can efficiently execute this process with a gentle press over the button of Trainer. Afterwards, they need to click on the icon of Choose Buddy. After that, gamers have to select the ideal Pokemon and then that Pokemon will become their buddy Pokemon. It is advisable for the players to check their profile once and see if the buddy Pokemon has been updated or not.
Afterwards, gamers have to tap on the button of Play, which lies near the icon of their Buddy Pokemon. Once they successfully found that button, then they need to tap on it. After this, players have to follow the on-screen instructions until their buddy Pokemon is placed in the environment. Once it is done, gamers need to go near to their buddy Pokemon and start rubbing its back. Once the players have correctly rubbed its back, then there will be a popping up of the sparkles. It is an indication for the completion of the playing with buddy task.
Moreover, there are two more tasks that gamers need to accomplish to complete the Friendship Challenge. One of them requires the players to take a snapshot of their Pokemon while the other one requires players to send gifts to their friends. Gamers can easily accomplish both of these quests, and in return, they will get various rewards.
The article here contains information about playing with your buddy quest of Friendship challenge in Pokemon Go. In this article, we have provided a proper guide to complete this Challenge.
Pokemon Go can be played on iOS and Android devices.

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