How to prepare a list of top 10 colleges in MP and choose the best option


The biggest confusion in a student’s life is to choose the right course to pursue and the ideal college to graduate. It seems to be a herculean task to manage without any prior experience. Most of them often consider the reputation of a college and ignore the other factors.

There are various aspects that have a distinct set of features. These aspects should not be misunderstood or mixed. The experts at Amity Gwalior suggest making a Gwalior college list based on the course you have chosen by considering these aspects.

How to make a college list?

The moment you have finished your Higher Secondary level education, you have to start your venture to scout colleges for a professional degree. Find the course you want to pursue and start digging around. Here is what you need to follow and prepare a list of colleges.

  • What do you need?

At this point, the prime factors of choosing a college will be brought into consideration. These factors such as location, fee, courses, facilities, extracurricular activities, athletics, etc will be segregated into needs and wants. Separate these factors in this way so that you can easily make a list of colleges and compare the names on it.

  • Compiling the names

Divide your selections into three lists. The first list will contain the top 10 colleges in MP. These colleges are the best in all terms. The courses designed, the infrastructure provided and the placement drives are all at the highest level. These colleges are hard to get into. The second list of colleges will have those names that are above average but you can seek admission with your credibility. The third list of colleges will contain those names that are easy to access.

If nothing works as per plans, you can pursue a course in one of these colleges. These lists will help you find out the best college depending on the situation. Check the eligibility criteria of all these colleges and be prepared. Start making preparations for any entrance examination if necessary.

  • Narrowing down the list

Pick every name in these lists and visit its official website. Check the infrastructure of the colleges and compare them as per the need and want list. Prepare a chart if necessary to compare the colleges better and to shortlist the names. You can also attend counseling sessions and college fairs. Talk to the representatives of each college with a list of questions. Be prepared and organized to make an informed decision.

  • Visiting colleges

Physical visits can be very fruitful if you can manage it. Once you are done choosing a location, you can easily visit colleges in the Gwalior college list. Physically checking the infra and gathering information is ideal. This will fortify your decision with absolute information. You can also talk to the administration if required to seek more information.


This is how you can choose the best college for undergraduate course and advanced courses. Make a list of top 10 colleges in MP following the tips and choose the most suitable college.

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