How To Prepare For School Admissions In Bangalore

Obtaining school admission in Bangalore or any other city is a matter of huge importance to parents desirous of ensuring great schooling for their children. Parents have a lot of expectations from schools and these expectations also vary from one set of parents to another.

While some may want their children to get premium education as per the international standards in renowned institutions like the International schools in Whitefield, while others might prefer the well known CBSE schools.

Given below are a few pointers about how to approach school admissions in Bangalore.

Fee Charged by the school

The budget of the parents in question plays a critical role in the decision behind the choice of school. The fees charged by international schools in Whitefield are going to be higher than those charged by a regular school elsewhere.

Whether one wants their child’s school to be an international one, following an IB pattern of education or a regular CBSE pattern depends upon how much one is able and willing to pay. Of course, this decision is often influenced by the fact that some top schools provide scholarships to deserving students.

Location of the school

Bangalore is notorious for its bad traffic situation and the distance between school and home definitely plays a part in choosing the right school. Of course, this factor does not come into play in the case of boarding schools. So while deciding about school admission in one of the best International schools in Whitefield keep in mind the distance.

Curriculum followed by the school

The syllabus followed by a school also has a bearing upon where one sends one’s children for education. Expat or NRI parents, for instance, might prefer IGCSE and IB curriculum over CBSE ones, while others might prefer the latter.

A lot depends upon whether the child intends to pursue higher education abroad or in India as IGCSE and IB systems of education are more in tune with the international norms and requirements.

Pedigree of the school

The school that one goes to defines the person for life. A school is the first place where one forms social networks and imbibes a worldview. One should, therefore, be extremely careful in this regard, as this has a bearing on a child’s very future. Putting one’s child into a school with a stellar reputation is definitely going to work to his or her advantage.

So when you approach a school for admission in Bangalore or elsewhere keep this factor in mind since it plays an important part in your child’s growth.

Infrastructure and faculty

We live in changing times and past reputations though important may not be as big a factor as the infrastructure, faculty and the kind of pedagogy being used in a school to instruct children.

Holistic development alongside traditional academics is the way to go these days along with the induction of technology in the teaching process. These are important factors to be taken into consideration when it comes to the choice of a school for one’s child.


Bangalore has a lot of reputed schools so school admission in Bangalore should not be very difficult. Different schools cater to different requirements and the above tips can help you choose the best one for your child.

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