How to Prepare For Your 1st Ever Traditional Thai Massage?

Is This Your 1st Time Ever For Getting A Traditional Thai Massage Session?

Well, if so then safe to say; you will have plenty of questions in its regard. The traditional form of Thai massage is an ancient art which when performed effectively helps relief stress and relax body ache and fix muscle knots.

Here’s a Sneak Peek into Some Perks of Traditional Thai Massage

  • Helps detoxify the body from its impurities and boosts the immune system
  • Helps soothe back pain and even arthritis
  • Enhances your breathing postures, balances body alignment, betters athletic performance and dissolves energy blockages
  • Helps improve blood flow, improves muscle flexibility and betters range of mobility
  • Some even belief that a traditional Thai massage also helps to slow down the ageing process

(Now, Without Delay, let’s cut To the Chase…)

Prepping Up For Your 1st Ever Traditional Thai Massage Session

To-Do-List on the Massage-Day

Usually on the day of your 1st ever traditional Thai massage session in Gold Coast; you should look to eat light. And be sure to eat it an hour prior to your massage session. You can stick to your usual breakfast norm. But the recommended course of action would be to go with fruits to keep your nutrition levels high.

Also while you’re at it, be sure to consume a good amount of water or green tea. That said, you should refrain from consuming coffee or alcoholic beverages like beer before heading off for your 1st ever traditional Thai massage session

You should also make it a point to perform some stretches at home to limit the pain at the time of your massage session

Once You Arrive For Your Session

On arriving for your massage session; you should stay calm, take deep breaths and be normal. Also look to wear comfortable clothes. The convenient thing about this form of massage is that it doesn’t involve oil and also doesn’t require you to fully disrobe.  So, you can stay clothed for the full massage session. That said, be sure to wear clothes which allow you to move freely. The reason being, this massage does involve lots of stretching and moving.

As you wait for your turn, you can listen to some soothing music to help calm down your nerve and make you more prepared

And of course; if you have a history of any chronic injury or underwhelming medical condition; then be sure to tell that to your respective masseur/masseuse straight away.

During The Session

As you enter the massage room; you will find the room properly set-up for your absolute comfort and recuperation. You will expect some soothing music mixed with an oriental aroma and a massage table. You need to get atop the table and allow the masseur/masseuse to work their way through your body as well as your pressure points and pain trigger areas.

During the massage; if you feel discomfort anywhere, be sure to convey that to your massaging specialist. Also, be sure to constantly communicate with the massage therapist to make the session more enjoyable and utterly relaxing.


That’s about it. However, some things are always best enjoyed when experienced personally! So, without delay, get in touch with a revered and experienced massage therapist in Main Beach and set up an appointment.

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