How to Prepare for Your Law Education

Law profession is one of the dynamic professions, for which developing right skills are very important. Hence, to learn these skills, one needs to select the institution that imparts not only education but overall personality development skills. So, if you are seeking for getting admission in best law college in Lucknow, then Amity University Uttar Pradesh (AUUP) is one of the best private university – affiliated with University Grants Commission (UGC) and Bar Council of India (BCI).

To cope with law subjects, one has to follow mantra “slow and steady wins the race”. Henceforth, one has to be consistent with their content to reach top-notch level. Here are few points which you can focus upon, before you start study:


  1. Read and Summarize: The best pedagogy followed at a good law school focuses on teaching students to ‘think like a lawyer’. This method of teaching is known as the appellate method of instruction that encourages students to review court cases and decisions, analyze the reasoning behind each, and deduce the legal principles behind each case. Though this method is very interesting, it requires one to read hundreds of cases to summarize to conclusion. On average, a ten-page summary can be written if you read approximately 500 pages. This means you shall need to read quickly and comprehend the complex language as fast as possible. Reading without comprehending the material will not help. One should start practicing this skill and become as good as you can before you join the course. Some training centers also teach tricks to improve your reading, memory, comprehension, and problem-solving skills that will help in the field of law immensely.


  1. Write and practice:Once you have analyzed and gathered all the information, identified all the issues, organized your data, the final step is to put those thoughts onto paper. Drafting a well-reasoned argument to support or against and sum it all up requires good writing skills. One should start practicing essay writing to brush up your writing skills. One can also take practice examinations, pre-law writing courses that are available online or read resources on the craft of writing.


  1. Read à Take notes à Revise: The last-minute rush of study before examinations will not at all work at law school. It is almost impossible for anyone to memorize the huge amounts of information covered, discussions, opinions, counter-arguments, and the conclusion. All of this information during the class needs to be condensed into short primary points that will help you review the subject before the examination. One can talk to old-time shorthand writers or learn these tips online of taking notes while still participating and learning during class.


  1. Manage time: All of the above activities will require perfect time management skills and discipline. Studying at law school is a full-time occupation that requires a tremendous amount of reading, comprehending, and writing while studying from a plethora of resources. This is probably the most essential skill for law school. Learn before you join the law course how to pace yourself, learn the outline, and study the procedural and substantive law consistently. These exercises will help you slowly get better at managing your time on your own.


  1. Create your own resource:The fun part of joining a private law college in Lucknow is to buy commercial study aids like supplementary class notes.


  • Compatibility with online platform: Since, the lockdown has been commenced from 24th of March, 2020 that has interrupted the smooth functioning of education sector along with other sectors. But despite of this, we have successfully carried out our online classes uptil 8th April, 2020 for session 2019-20.

Moreover, we are going to start our even semester w.e.f. 13th July, 2020 through online mode. Our faculties are well compliant with the online resources and they undertake training to keep themselves updated. So that we can give best output to our students.

By the time we are simultaneously working on creating e-content and ppt so that we can assist students well on their subjects


  • Webinars: Amity Law School (Lucknow) has been active in the conduct of webinars to keep our students well updated with the current scenario in legal field. We have successfully administered webinars specially on – the impact of covid-19 on education, economy, human rights, profession and so on. And, we have also focused upon the importance of online platform, so that students can get well acquainted with the online tools. Because we believe that learning should never be stopped/hindered in any circumstances.


  • Online examination: Considering the interests of final semester students, we are successfully conducting their Open Book Examinations (OBE). With the very help of our IT Department and Examination Department, we have developed the mechanism through which students are taking their respective examinations from their home itself hassle-free.


  • Ranking: Recently, Amity Law School, Lucknow has got 30th rank amongst India’s best law colleges, 2020 conducted by India Today.


  • Grievance Redressal: We have specific committee to look into the well-being and grievances of students. On a monthly basis, we conduct mentor-men tee meeting to resolve the issues faced by students.

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