How to Promote Your Saloon Through Beautiful Gift Cards


Giving beauty, well-being or care for our friends, family and even our partner can be one of the most successful solutions; not only to get out of the conventional, but to surprise. This type of small gift boxes translates into a dose of relaxation, reconnection with the body and personal well-being for the loved ones of your clients, but for you, it becomes an excellent opportunity to have one more resource with which to increase your sales and achieve new clients.

But in addition to traditional gifts, there are many such things such as gift cards that are really the best option for those customers who want to give their loved ones and also relate you to these wonderful moments and sensations that theirs will enjoy. On the other hand, it is essential that new clients who come to enjoy their card at your center feel so surprised and satisfied that they always want to return. To help you, today we will give you some marketing tips and ideas so that you can sell more gift cards and offer your customers what they are looking for.

Here are some marketing tactics through which you can easily enhance the brand awareness of your saloon.

Enhance the Presentation of Gift Card

It is a special gift, take care of its design and presentation. The person who is receiving this card must have something beautiful, worked and special in their hands, not a coupon from the supermarket. Your customers and the recipients of these cards deserve the best and you can give it to them! To be able to execute the design- use high-quality images, related to your services.

  • Set the image with the correct size and resolution; bet on flat and beautiful colors related to your corporate identity.
  • Choose a clear and legible font (the font).
  • Use a decorative motif that shows that it is a gift made with love (a bow, a heart, a flower, etc.).

For the packaging or presentation of the card, always go for high-quality paper (matte or satin) of a suitable thickness, and insert it in an envelope of a size and color, which fits the card. Finish it off with a bow or some decorative motif, like a bit of string and a preserved flower bouquet, and you’ll add an ideal touch!

Place the Cards on the Reception Desk

Even distributed around the center in small displays. They can also be pasted on custom small gift boxes. Make them visible, placing them in strategic places in your center. If department stores play with perception by locating the star products in their sales lines, placing them at eye level, you can too. For example, apart from the exhibitor with a poster, which you put in reception, you can place others on the shelves where you have placed your beauty products, both outside and inside the booth. You can also place them in some of the stalls. In this case, we recommend that you follow the same strategy that you use to sell your products.

Premium Presentation

If before we mentioned that you could present it in a nice envelope with some detail, for these higher cost cards, the ideal would be to deliver them in a nice box of a solid color (preferably, your corporate color), finished with an elegant bow and some cosmetic small Gift boxes for events. It is a detail that will cost you very little, but that will make you look great with your client and that you will not be able to compare the profitability of the sale and the loyalty you will obtain from the client. They will love it!

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