How to put a wig on a Sex Doll

Wigs can diversify your Sex Doll styles, so if you want to see different styles of Sex Dolls, the easiest way is to buy a variety of wigs for a Love Doll and then dress the Sex Doll differently depending on the type of wig.

As we all know, Sex Doll is produced bare, and the beautiful Sex Doll you see is the effect of the designer’s careful dressing, of course, you can buy the finished Sex Doll on Lovedollshops, that is, buy Sex Doll and You can also buy accessories on your body and dress up your Love Doll yourself.

Most owners enjoy taking care of their dolls and enjoy the nourishing feeling caring for them gives them. Babysitting a Sex Doll is a pleasure, but it does take time, so it’s important to factor that into your decision.

Keeping her clean is essential. Cover with such unbearable dust if not in use. After using her, consider alcohol-free wipes and a squirt bottle. Generally, adult sex dolls recommend that you use baby powder. Baby powder is strong skin, and healthy, and if you find she isn’t using it for a few days, just dust your sex doll with baby or talc powder.

If you are new to dressing up with Sex Dolls, then you can browse different types of action game sex doll from Lovedollshops, and observe their dress and dress, for convenience, you can buy Sex Dolls and decorations directly from Lovedollshops.

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