How to Put Out the Fire in Resident Evil 3 Demo

Capcom has provided a demo version of their popular game, Resident Evil 3, to fulfill the excitation of the gamers. The demo version has already started attaining acclamation globally due to various newly added features and aspects in it. However, its popular aspects of maze and puzzles have been brought back with new objectives. The demo version clears shows up several new puzzles to the gamers, including put out the fire.

The subsequent puzzle or clearly saying quest requires Jill Valentine to put out the fire to hinder the foes and other obstacles on their way. In this blog, we are going to share with the gamers a specific strategy to accomplish this puzzle. The process of completing this puzzle is a bit complex due to its lengthiness, so it is advisable to be aware and attentive while reading this article.

Navigate Fire Hose

To complete the subsequent puzzle, gamers first need to find the fire hose. For that, the players have to visit the Kite Bros. Thereafter; they require to reach towards the building of the Railway. Although it seems out to be a hard task to navigate these locations, through a specific guide, it can be visited with ease.

The gamers need to take the stairs down to the shop of Donut lies on the very next street. Then, the players need to take the very first right from the shop. Thereafter, a building will appear on their right side; there, they need to take the stairs that will lead them straight to the Kite Bros. From there, they can easily reach out to the building of the Railway.

Put Out the Fire

After the gamers have successfully found the fire hose, then they need to put out the fire through it. This can be done quite easily by reaching outside the Donut shop where they would encounter Nemesis. The gamers need to take him down, and soon after that, it will evolve into his original form.

Gamers need to inflict damage to him using gunfire and explosives and can easily knock down him through it. But to complete the puzzles, they need to slain him through the fire, and it can be easily done by enticing him through various attacks. Gamers need to take him towards fire hydrant, and once they succeed in doing that, then they need to execute the fire and surpass the alley immediately.


The demo version is available to experience the forthcoming version of Resident Evil. In the following article, we have tried to favor the gamers to completely put out the fire puzzle. We hope that this article will definitely be going to help in completing it.

Gamers can play Resident Evil 3 after 3rd April 2020, on PS4PC, and Xbox One.

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