How to Quickly Change Shells in Mortal Shell

Mortal Shell is gradually becoming a top choice of the gamers, thanks to its amazing storyline. The game’s objective and features are quite easily understandable; however, players are facing a lot of difficulty in learning their character’s most deadly move; to change shells. Thus, in this article, we are going to help them through a proper workaround to change shells in Mortal Shell. Read the article further, if you are willing to know the importance of shells and ways to change them in Mortal Shell.

How to Switch Shells Fast in Mortal Shell

Before jumping on to the following process, let us brief those gamers about shells that are not familiar with it. Shells are the remnants of the dead warriors of Mortal Shell’s world, and fortunately, the centerfold character of this game has the privilege to use these shells to enhance his powers. Several gamers have misguided shells with souls, but both of them differ with each other. Gamers need to learn ways to change shells during the fights. Players are allowed to alter four shells in Mortal Shell, and each shell contains different abilities here how gamers can switch their shells in Mortal Shell.

Gamers first require to unlock four shells, and it can be quickly done by locating them. Thus, the first step that gamers need to take is to start finding one shell at one time. Once gamers have succeeded in locating all the four shells, then they are required to visit Fallgrim Tower where they need to submit a fee for Sester Genessa. It will unlock all the four shells permanently for the gamers.

Now, changing the shells in Mortal Shell is even simpler than unlocking them. It can be done by visiting the crypts that are linked to each respective shell. Afterward, gamers need to pray to the shell that they want to play with them. It will automatically switch the shell of the gamers with the one to whom they have prayed. Now, it is up to players to master this technique so that they can change shells as quickly as possible during fights.


The changing of shells in Mortal Shell is one of the most lethal features that favor the gamers. Thus, they must learn the gimmick of using it during combat. Read this article, if you want to know the technique of switching shells quickly in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell can be played on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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