How to Raise Head of Bed?

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It does not matter whether you are a morning person or a night owl, proper sleep is the primary key to a highly productive body and day in turn. On days when you do not get good and tight sleep, you feel extraordinarily lousy and sluggish for the rest of the day.

However, with today’s technology and advancements, it is possible to regulate or modulate your sleeping cycle and get back that peaceful sleep with a few steps. Raising the head of the bed is one of the steps you can opt for. This mere modification of your bed structure can change your life if you follow proper guidelines.

If you are asked to raise head of bed by your doctor or have yourself found out this brilliant hack to better your well-being, then the following few pointers will be beneficial to you.

  • Consider Bed Risers:


If you want to raise the head of the bed in a cost-effective yet functional way, then this is the best option. You can start with raising the head by six to nine inches with the help of suitable risers. It would be helpful if you gradually increased the elevation according to your comfort. Use bed risers of good quality material such as heavy-duty plastic, metal, and wood.

  • Use Bed Wedges:

Bed wedges are a form of usual pillows having a wedge structure. It specifically lifts the head region of the bed and gives you a comfortable sleep. It is better to use a bed wedge rather than piling pillows. This is due to the fact piling pillows can put you in an abnormal sleeping position, ultimately causing back and neck injuries.

  • Try Mattress Pads:

Mattress pads have a wide variety of options to choose from. It is a more flexible variant; you can inflate and deflate it based on your convenience. This will help you attain an overall bed height and not particularly raise the head of the bed, but if you combine this with a bed wedge or bed riser, it will cumulatively give a better result.

Hopefully, you have learned something useful from the guidelines mentioned above. You can alternatively mix and match any of such steps to suit yourself better. Remember and implement these and live a healthy & happy life!

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