This article will show you how to get to Kedarkantha from Delhi by air. Kedarkantha, a popular trekking destination in North India, is easy to reach. Kedarkantha Trek is accessible all year round so that you can visit even in winter.

It would help if you first got to Dehradun (the capital of Uttarakhand) before you plan your Kedarkantha trek. Dehradun has excellent connections to all major Indian cities via air, rail and road. You will need to take a taxi or board a bus to reach Sankri, the small village that starts the Kedarkantha Trek.


Kedarkantha trekking is open to anyone in good health. The trekker should not be younger than five years old and less than sixty-five. It is vital that all trekkers, regardless of their age, are in good health and free from any diseases that might prevent them from reaching the highest heights.


How do I reach Kedarkantha From Delhi?

You will need to pass through Dehradun, the capital city of Kedarkantha. It is a good option if you’re planning to reach Kedarkantha via Delhi. There are many ways you can reach Dehradun. You can reach Dehradun in six to seven hours using a variety of transportation options. These options make it easier to plan your journey from Delhi to Kedarkantha.

You can travel to Dehradun by train. There are many options. You can also take a bus or cab from New Delhi if you have a short time to book. If you travel at night, all these options will get you to Dehradun in the morning. Air travel is faster and can get you to Dehradun in one hour if you leave Delhi at night.

Both public and private buses run from Delhi to connect with the rest of India. If you have the funds, you can also rent a taxi. Roadway buses can take a lot of time and could take anywhere from eight to ten hours. Taxis and taxis travel much faster and generally take between six and seven hours to reach their destination.

The Onward Journey

After you arrive in Dehradun, you can begin your journey to Sankri. The distance from Dehradun to Sankri is approximately 220 km. The journey takes seven to eight hours. You can get a taxi or bus from the locality to take you to Kedarkantha.

You will find many trekkers in Sankri, which is the beginning point of the trek. To reach Kedarkantha peak, you will need to walk approximately 10km from Sankri. You will need to set up camp at least once on your way to the summit. It depends on how far you travel in one day. To reach the Kedarkantha base camp, the trek route is very straightforward. You will need to follow a path that weaves between meadows and forests. After reaching the base camp, climb uphill for several hours to reach the summit.

What makes Kedarkantha Trek special?

There are many treks like this in India, but Kedarkantha trekking is unique. The trek covers approximately 22km. It’s not difficult to trek and attracts tourists from all over the globe. The trekking route has a reputation for lush green meadows, alpine forests, endless ridges and abundant flora.

Kedarkantha Trek from Delhi is a great option for beginners who want to get some trekking experience. If you are planning to take this trip, the Kedarkantha trekking guide might be helpful. You can find more information on how to reach Kedarkantha starting from Delhi.

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