How to realize the power of a double degree in law and management

BBA LLB honors college in Jaipur may seem to simply combine the knowledge of the law with learnings of business which is true to an extent. The best BBA LLB honors college in Jaipur provides this unique and niche interdisciplinary program that has emerged due to the response from the industry. Law is not a stand-alone subject and its practices when combined with the areas of business allow organizations to work better and a more conducive environment.


This course provides an in-depth knowledge of various business management practices and commerce with the intricate details of governance and the law. Students enrolled in this BBA LLB course gain valuable insights into both these domains of knowledge through a detailed study of its various subjects. Some of these subjects are marketing, finance, international business, legal policy and framework, corporate laws, corporate governance, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, banking, investments, etc.


This course develops an analytical bent of mind of its students along with critical analysis, lateral thinking, problem-solving, decision making, research, public speaking skills through an inter-relationship of management and law. It focuses on providing a learning environment that helps foster in graduates managerial and entrepreneurial skills with a sense of global businesses with proper social responsibility.


The course also provides methodologies, wherewithals, and solutions to legal problems using intellectual business knowledge. This allows the graduates to be successful in leading, managing, and communicating effectively in the present day competitive and interconnected world effectively and helps gain a satisfying career. This is a win-win situation for the student as they are best suited for both the management disciplines as well as the law domain while being valuable to cases where these two different worlds merge.


Companies offer employment to such candidates who have more skills and can function in both these specialized domains much required by any corporate house or business. Businesses are increasingly aware of innovation in their services while being aware of the unique risks that a new product presents. A professional who is trained in both aspects of knowledge, business as well as the law, can provide legal solutions while also monetizing a product or service better.


The scope of BBA LLB is expanding with the ever-changing needs of the industry and in the last decade alone there have been many developments in this field. Students are encouraged to take up short-term certification courses in the legal and management discipline that focus on their areas of interest. This provides them with a good experience of their future field of work and can provide better opportunities while being hard-working, resilient, and by being committed to this field.


Graduates from the best BBA LLB honors college in Jaipur find employment in banking, management, planning, administration, industrial sectors as well as in the judiciary and the legal profession. Many graduates from BBA LLB honors college in Jaipur work as business development managers, associates, general counsel, paralegal, etc. with law firms, while also as legal officers, finance managers, human resource personnel, etc. with various banks in India.

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