How To Really Connect With A Digital Audience (FS287)

How do successful businesses capitalize on their contacts? Do you want to resonate with each individual in your audience? What is the best way to communicate with your mailing list?

All of these questions pertain to the same issue, running a profitable online business in the contemporary climate. Achieving this might sometimes seem like a mountain but we are here to show you that the mountain is not unscalable and that mountain climbing can be fun!

In this episode we break down the fundamentals of digital communication and connection with an audience as individuals. We get into some examples of emails and promotions and which methods work in certain situations. The discussion also takes time to unpack the idea of offering a transformation to a potential customer as the basis of selling.

We also talk about welcome sequences, bridging emails, the know-like-trust principle and setting aside perfectionism and getting started. All of these ideas are pretty vital to being able to stay afloat as a digital entrepreneur. So for all this and many more inspiring ideas, be sure to tune in!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Individualizing the way you communicate with a group. [0:10:02.5]
  • How Aubrey Marcus wrote a sales email that connects with the reader. [0:14:50.2]
  • Why take email seriously? [0:21:37.7]
  • The moment that someone subscribes to your email list [0:29:12.3]
  • Remembering the two basic lessons of email marketing. [0:36:35.2]
  • Bridge emails instead of the usual welcome sequence. [0:40:20.8]
  • How to communicate and facilitate a transformation. [0:43:40.7]
  • The progression of connection and education with your audience. [0:54:56.4]
  • Leaving alone the perfectionist inclinations and getting started. [0:57:44.3]
  • And much more!

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