How to Recover From Google’s Major Algorithm Changes

How to Recover From Google’s Major Algorithm Changes

Google core updates can have far-reaching consequences for businesses that rely heavily on organic traffic (Google handles 92% of all search queries on the internet).

Some companies see significant drops in website traffic as a result of a core update, which obviously has a negative impact on the profitability — or even viability — of many businesses. There is some good news, though: there are steps you can take to gradually improve the situation and give your site the best chance of regaining lost rankings.

In this post, you will get to know how to recover from Google’s Major Algorithm Changes. Also, you can take the help of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai for the latest updates.

Before that, let’s discuss What is Google’s Algorithm Core Update?

Google’s search algorithm is constantly updated and modified in order to provide the best possible search results. They claim to make small changes to the algorithm every day. Google does, however, release a broad core algorithm update every couple of months that targets a broader set of signals.

These changes have the potential to cause significant disruption among publishers and bloggers. When a new core algorithm update is released, the SERPs experience a two-week period of extreme volatility. As a result, some websites experience a loss of traffic and keywords, while others experience an increase.

Google typically announces the release of a new core update on its Twitter channel a few days in advance. However, they estimate that the update will take between one and two weeks.

Here are some recovery strategies for websites that have been affected by a Google core algorithm update.

Examine the update’s actual purpose (what Google is attempting to address).

Fortunately, this is the first step in determining the update’s true purpose. We know that Google’s goal with all of its updates is to improve the quality of search results, which is correct, but this alone isn’t enough to decide which aspects of your site to focus on and invest in.

Identify Patterns – Determine whether specific segments or types of content on your site were impacted.

Now it’s time to dig into the analytics data and see if you can spot any patterns. Is there a specific pattern or type of content that has seen significant declines?

This can assist in determining the cause of the update as well as beginning to formulate an idea of what the logical next steps/improvements to your site should be.

Examine the Impact on Your Top 5-10 Competitors.

If your website traffic has decreased as a result of an update, it is likely that other sites are gaining the traffic that you were previously receiving.

Simply put, an update has no effect on the number of people searching or the number of searches they perform. As a result, if traffic to your website has decreased, it has moved elsewhere.

Keeping in mind all these strategies and enrolling in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai, you can be an upskilled digital marketer.


Google rarely provides actionable advice and suggestions for how publishers can recover from a Google core update. It also states that no manual or algorithmic action is taken against websites. Instead, Google reassesses websites in order to provide a better user experience.

However, if your website has lost traffic and keywords as a result of a core update, you should not simply wait for the next update and hope that things will return to normal.

Follow the advice of Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai and take action right away to prepare your site for the next update. Everything you do from now on will contribute to the overall health of your site in preparation for the next core update, which will most likely occur in two weeks.

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