How to reduce your Home Loan interest rates?

Home Loans are financial instruments that have assisted many people in their search for dream homes. Banks offer Loan that has low-interest rates and is easily available. On the other hand, Home Loans have the longest duration and often includes greater financial commitment. Even if the interest rate is reasonable, holding it for a long period drains most hard-earned cash.

As a result, it is best to pay off your Housing Loan as soon as possible. Another way to save money on Home Loans is to take out a low-interest Loan. Here are ways to lower the rates:


Home Loan interest rates vary between banks. Comparative research is also important to get the best rates on your House Loans. It is achievable online by visiting the websites of different lenders. To make it simpler, visit third-party financial websites, and you find all banks in one place. Know that having a Home Loan is the most important financial decision you ever make, and you must not make it without doing your homework first.

Adding a co-applicant

If you plan to apply for a Home Loan, having a co-applicant helps you get a lower rate. When the overall cost of borrowing gets measured over the whole period, it lowers the total cost of borrowing. Adding a co-applicant reduces the interest rate by 0.50 % on average. It strengthens your Home Loan Eligibility and allows you to get a higher Loan amount.

How to save the rates after applying?

Consider balance transfer

A Housing Loan balance transfer, also known as refinancing, is a perfect way to lower your monthly interest rate. It is only valid on current Home Loans. You get a balance transfer if you already have a Home Loan. To apply for one, have a decent credit history and apply for the Loan for at least two to five years.

Do prepayment

Going for a part-payment or prepayment does not lower your Home Loan interest rates, but it saves a lot of money. So, if you have any extra income, bonuses, or incentives, use them to pay off your mortgage. It lowers the principal sum owed to you and eventually saves you money on the interest rate.

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 Neha Sharma, a finance student, loves to write in her free time. She has spent considerable time researching Home Loan interest rates. Through her work, she lists ways to reduce the same

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