How to Register as a Customer Service Point (CSP)


In order to get your CSP (Customer Service Point) online, you will need to apply for CSP (Customer Service Point). This guide will explain how to register and what information you will need in order to do so. By following the instructions below, you should have no trouble registering, and you’ll be able to start working toward your goals of becoming an independent rep.

Retailer Needs To Fill In An Application Form

The retailer must fill out an application form by downloading it from a trustworthy service provider like Bank CSP. Some of the fields that need filling for CSP online registration are:

1. Name and Address of applicant

2. Mal ID

3. Contact number

4. Address

5. Type of business, i.e., retail or wholesale

6. Proof of capital ownership

7. Educational Proof – 10th

8. Character Certificate

9. Passport Size Photo

Send The Duly Filled Form

After filling in the form, the duly filled document along with required KYC Documents is sent back to the trusted entity for authentication and approval.

Verification and Approvals

This form will go through verification and approval. After the form has been verified and approved, the CSP will be notified about the status of their request. If the form is accepted, the CSP will be trained. Once they are certified, they can create and respond to requests in customer service points in the city where they reside or work.

If the application form got rejected, the applicant will receive an email from the service provider explaining why. They can also contact the support team for assistance. They will provide them with feedback on how to improve their application and a chance for resubmission if appropriate.

Post Training

Once the training is complete, the CSP can start transacting. This means that they can accept payments from customers, verify receipts and reconcile payments with merchants. Before apply online CSP, you will need to have the following requirements fulfilled in order for them to transact.

Size of Outlet

1. Minimum size is 200 square feet and it needs to have a counter.

2. There has to be a big enough room so you can attend to the needs of 5-6 people at once.

To provide efficient and courteous service to the customers while attending to your regular business is essential.

System Configuration

1. PC with a minimum configuration of 20 GB hard disk

2. Internet connectivity

3. An Intel base chip or of superior provider

4. A web cam

5. A standard printer

6. Finger print scanner

Facilities That Will Be Provided To the new CSP

1. Commission and Special incentives

2. Sign board with SBI logo with retailer shop registered name

3. Commission and Special incentives


-This is the last step in the process of becoming a CSP.

-If you have read through all of the steps, then congratulations! You are now ready for apply for the application process. Good luck!

The author of the article is working at a CSP apply centre where apply for CSP is easy. In this article, he discusses how to register as a Customer Service Point (CSP). To learn more, visit

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