How to remove chlorine stains on clothes?

Sometimes, using chlorine to wash clothes, especially if it is white, is not the best option, since unpleasant yellow spots may appear on garments, but why does this happen?

Generally, it usually happens when the chlorine is abused, used in excess or when the clothes are left soaked with chlorine for a long time.

If this happened to you too, do not forget to read the following article of laundry on demand service. We have compiled the best methods for you to learn how to remove chlorine stains on clothes, quickly, economically and effectively.

How to remove chlorine stains on white clothes? white vinegar

One of the most useful products to remove chlorine stains on clothing, especially if it is white, is vinegar. Thanks to its properties, white vinegar will become a great ally of cleaning, as it has the power to remove and remove stains while softening and returning the shine to your clothes naturally. On this occasion, we suggest you mix a little vinegar and alcohol. Follow these steps:

– Dip a clean cloth in the vinegar and alcohol mixture.

– Then, place it on the stain, but do not rub as the stain could expand. Simply soak the area with the cloth with vinegar.

– Then, wash the garment with cold water.

– Repeat the process as many times as necessary to remove and remove the bleach stain on clothing.

– White vinegar is a product with a lot of cleaning power, especially if it involves removing and removing tissue stains. Test it! In addition, in the following article, you can see some tips for washing clothes with vinegar.

If you want to neutralize chlorine naturally, look for a sodium drugstore, a powerful product that will help you bleach your clothes and remove the chlorine stains in it. Its power is to dechlorinate the water, that is, neutralize it and eliminate its level of chlorine. To benefit from its power, follow these tips:

– Mix a tablespoon of sodium with a cup of water.

– Soak a clean cloth in the solution.

– Place the cloth on the stain. Remember: apply it gently without rubbing.

– When the stain is completely covered by the solution, wash the garment with cold water.

– Repeat this process as many times as necessary, to completely remove the chlorine stain.

If you are still not able to remove chlorine stains, do not hesitate to use laundry on demand service.

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