How to Remove InstallShield Update Manager

If you wish to uninstall the InstallShield Update Manager, then you can do this by using the InstallShield Update Service. You can also disable the InstallShield processes from the Task Manager and uninstall all the files manually. In this article, you will get to know the steps to remove InstallShield Update Manager on your computer.


Here’s How to Remove InstallShield Update Manager

·       Uninstall Update Manager Manually

1.    Click on the Control, Shift, and Esc keys.

2.    It will launch the Task Manager of your Windows PC.

3.    In case you are the Windows 8 user, then press on the More details option.

4.    Go to the Process option.

5.    Find ISUSPM.exe.

6.    Also, find the agent.exe.

7.    You need to right-click on all the processes.

8.    Choose the Open file location option.

9.    After opening the folder, you need to right-click on the folder.

10.  Select the End task option

11.  Go to the folders which you wish to launch.

12.  Remove the contents.

13.  Now, all the files will get saved in the Program Files option.

14.  Click on the Common Files option.

15.  Press on the InstallShield option.

16.  Press on the Update option.

·       Uninstall InstallShield Update Service Scheduler.

1.    Start downloading the Software Manager Uninstall tool.

2.    Search for the location.

3.    Click on the Open button.

4.    Go through the guidelines given in the Software Manager Uninstall tool.

5.    It will complete the uninstall process now.

6.    Once you have gone through the guidelines, start the system.

7.    After that, check if you find the file in the PC.

8.    Additionally, start using the uninstaller software tool like IOBit Uninstaller to uninstall the app, which is causing this issue from the computer.

·       Using the FlexNet Connect Software Manager Uninstall Tool

1.    Start uninstalling the program which is same as Nuance.

2.    Click on the Control and R keys.

3.    Enter cpland in the search bar.

4.    Press on the OK button.

5.    Click twice on the app which you want to uninstall.

6.    Go through the guidelines.

7.    Start downloading the FlexNet Connect Manager Uninstall tool.

8.    Search for the location.

9.    Open the location.

10.  Go through the guidelines given on the screen.

11.  Press on the Yes button.

12.  In case you wish to uninstall the FlexNet Connect Software Manager tool.

13.  Start rebooting the system.

14.  Check if you are able to find the file.

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