How to Remove the Windows Old Folder in Windows 10

Windows 10 and older Windows versions make a folder which is known as Windows Old folder. This folder is made while installing an updated version of the Windows. In this article, you will get to know the steps to remove the Windows Old folder in Windows 10.

Here’s how to remove the Windows old folder in Windows 10

·        Using Disk Cleanup tool

1.   Click Windows and S keys altogether.

2.   Type disk in the text box.

3.   Choose the Disk Cleanup option.

4.   It is located in the menu list.

5.   After opening the Disk Cleanup tool, you have to choose which drive you wish to clean.

6.   Choose the drive where you have downloaded the Windows 10.

7.   Press on the OK button.

8.   The Disk Cleanup tool starts scanning the computer for both the old and temporary files.

9.   It will take a few minutes to get complete.

10. Also, it depends on the partition size.

11. You need to check if the Previous Windows installation is available now or not.

12. In case the Previous Windows installation is not available now, then press on the Cleanup system files option.

13. Let the scanning procedure gets completed on the system.

14. Then, choose the Previous Windows installation option.

15. Go through the guidelines given on the screen.

The additional method to run Disk Cleanup is to go through the hard drive partition properties from the option This PC. To complete this procedure, go through the instructions mentioned below:

1.   Click on the This PC option.

2.   Find the primary hard drive partition.

3.   You need to right-click on it.

4.   Select the Properties option from your menu list.

5.   Click on the General option.

6.   Press on the Disk Cleanup option.

7.   Go through the guidelines mentioned on the screen.

·        Using the Command Prompt

1.   Enter cmd in the text field.

2.   You need to right-click on the result given on the top.

3.   Choose the Run as administrator option.

4.   After opening the Command Prompt menu, type the below-mentioned lines:

attrib -r -a -s -h C:Windows.old /S /D

RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%windows.old

5. Once executing the commands, exit from the Command Prompt menu.

6. You need to check if you have deleted the Windows Old folder.

You can delete Windows Old folder through the Command Prompt. To complete this procedure, you have to launch the Command Prompt by going through the steps mentioned below:

1.   Press on the Start option.

2.   Press on the Power option.

3.   Keep pressing on the Shift option.

4.   Click on the Restart button.

5.   After restarting the computer, select the Troubleshoot option.

6.   Click on the Advanced options button.

7.   The menu list of all the options will show on the screen.

8.   Choose the Command Prompt menu.

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