How To Remove Watermarks From Photos With Photoshop

Using watermarks is one of the main methods of protecting images online. The technique consists of inserting words, or even symbols, over photos to ensure that they will not be distributed without credit. In some cases, such as when advertising your products online, it is necessary to remove this original mark and Photoshop offers an ideal feature for this task. Here’s how to use it.

Step 1. press Ctrl+O and open your image in Photoshop;


Watermarks Photoshop


Step 2. press the letter S to select the Stamp tool and set its options as in the picture below;

Watermarks Photoshop

Step 3. press the Alt key, click on an area close to the one you wish to clean and do not use a very large brush. By doing this you will “copy” the cleaned part of the image;

Step 4. release the Alt key and click on the part containing the mark – this will paste the clean area over the mark. Repeat this procedure taking samples close to the area to be deleted until you have completely cleaned the part containing the mark;

Step 5. Repeat the same procedure on other similar parts;

Watermarks Photoshop

Step 6. in more complicated areas it is worth using the Zoom tool to zoom in on the image and reduce the diameter of the brush used to work on the details;

Step 7. In the end your image should be free of the watermark and ready for use;

The final result will depend a lot on the size and quality of your image and your mastery of the stamp tool. Also remember to use this procedure only for personal use and not to distribute images improperly.

Sometimes you may also need to add some extra watermark to protect your document or image. Check this blog post on how to add watermark in word to learn how you can do it easy.

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