How to rename an existing email address in outlook

Outlook is useful mail application provided by Microsoft which makes sure to bring in amazing features of enhanced mail exchange services. When users wish to trust some enhanced mail platforms, it brings in useful and helpful features. This is quite unique mail platform that only focuses on mail oriented applications and this makes it different from other existing mails platforms.

Outlook caters all those features that can make the mailing experience easy and enhanced. With all this, outlook is also user friendly and thus it is most preferred by its users further if users finds it difficult using outlook, they may obtain easy help from Outlook contact support number.

Hotmail is the webmail service from Microsoft that comes with new user interface and robust account security. Hotmail is a nice mail platform that brings in features for enhanced mail transfer effectively. With this, it also brings in useful features for its users. With these advanced features of outlook, users can also rename their existing email address. It brings in these features for users who are not satisfied with their existing email address. Renaming the email address is easy with outlook which is not a normal case with other existing email platforms.


How to rename an existing email address in outlook?


Sometimes you are unhappy with your existing email address in outlook because this is the address which the receiver views. If this is the case changing the existing outlook email address and renaming it is possible. There are easy steps for this.

So as to rename the existing outlook email account follows these easy steps:

  1. Open outlook in web browser to sign in with your outlook account details.
  2. Now click on the Mail Settings and get to outlook options.
  3. From here will see an option to Rename your email address
  4. Now you need to enter your account password again to continue.
  5. Now you need to type in new email address.
  6. Now click save button to save the further settings.
  7. With this you are able to rename your existing email address in Outlook.
  8. This is easy but in case of any issues, one may obtain easy help from Outlook phone number uk.

Once renamed the new emails will be send with new email address and not the old one. By changing the existing email address, you can add a professional touch to your each mail because with the facilities of renaming the outlook account, you can actually change your email id to make it look professional.


Why you may need to rename your existing account?

There are several reasons why an outlook user may need to replace an existing outlook email address:

  1. If you have made an account a few years ago which you are still using for your professional needs. You may need to change the email address to make it look professional.
  2. If you have more than one email address with similar names. User may need to distinguish between two different mails such that they may have same names. By changing it, you may change the names.
  3. Sometimes, the existing email does not seems to appropriate for even the general mail exchange services. By renaming the existing emails one can make it look better for mail exchange.


This is quite easy to understand that outlook almost everything which can enhance the experience of users while sending and receiving mails with hotmail. It brings in some of the latest and useful features and applications for users. With the above mentioned steps, one can rename the outlook email address. Outlook helpline number UK

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