How To Render Effective Long-Distance Care

When a loved one lives far away, it can be not easy to provide the care and support they need. Long-distance caregiving can be challenging and demanding, but there are ways to make it work. You can render effective long-distance care with careful planning and a positive attitude. Let’s take a look:

Jamie wants to be involved in her mother Edna’s care but lives over an hour away from her mom. There are ways of rendering effective long-distance care.

Use Technology

One key to efficacious long-term caregiving is using technology to stay in touch with your loved one.

The Telephone

Over the phone, Jamie checks on Edna every day. During the conversation, Jamie listens for clues that her mom might not be OK, like Edna seeming confused or slurring her speech. Jamie also speaks to Edna’s in-person caregivers daily. Phoenix Home Care offers 24 hours care residential facility for your loved one.

Email And Text

Email and texting may not be options for every senior. They are an option for reaching out to Edna, so Jamie uses emails and texts to stay in touch with her mom and forward photos, essential documents, and valuable information.

Video Chatting

Video chatting apps are the next best thing to an in-person visit. Seeing and hearing her mom better enables Jamie to gauge Edna’s health.


Sensors attached to the lighting in her home keep Edna safe by automatically turning lights on and off. Sleep sensors are either wearable or fit between the mattress and box spring. Edna’s sleep sensor records essential medical information, including her heart rate and blood oxygen level. Through the sensor’s app, Jamie remotely monitors her mother’s well-being.

Electronic Pill Dispensers

An electronic pill dispenser keeps Edna’s pills organized and reminds Edna that it is time to take her meds. Electronic Pill Dispensers guard against accidental overdoes in seniors with diminished cognition.

Electronic Personal Assistants

Electronic Personal Assistants like Alexa, Nina, or Viv make a senior loved one’s life easier.

  • Keeps track of appointments
  • Controls other devices
  • Provided needed information
  • Makes calls

The sound of the device’s voice can make an older person feel less lonely.


Jamie travels to see Edna as often as she can. Jamie’s in-person visits gratify both her and Edna emotionally. They are also Jamie’s best opportunity to assess her mom’s needs accurately. While Jamie is visiting, she makes an appointment with her mom’s doctor for an updated report on Edna’s health. Also, she receives a clear overview of how an In-Home Care Phoenix caregiver enhances her mother’s quality of life.
Visits From Family And Friends

After Jamie returns home, she keeps tabs on her mom by having friends and family near Edna stop by her mom’s home to see how Edna is doing. Edna’s guest then relays any observations they made during the visit to Jamie. Everyone involved in a loved one’s care should receive regular updates relevant to their caregiving duties.

Don’t Feel Guilty

Sometimes, it weighs on Jamie that she can’t always be there for her mom. A diligent long-distance caregiver still contributes to the improving health and welfare of their loved one. Joining a caregiver support group and being among people who understand your situation can ease the feelings of guilt a long-distance caregiver might experience.

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