How to Rent a Car Business Bay Dubai – A Beginner’s Guide

Business Bay is a one of the up and coming central business districts in Dubai. The central location of the area has already attracted businesses, restaurants, high street fashion stores as well as members of the affluent society. If you are looking to rent a car in Business Bay Dubai, you would need to know a few things. In the following post, we would take a look at those very things that every one should know before they go for car rental services in Business Bay Dubai.

The Location of Business Bay in Dubai

When you are looking to rent a car in Business Bay Dubai, you need to know how you can reach the area.

As said before, Business Bay enjoys a central location. It is quite near to Jumeirah beach and next door to the famous Burj Khalifa towers. If you are driving from the airport, then you can drive on the Sheikh Zayed Road and continue to Al Safa. At the intersection near Safa Park, take a left and you would be at Business Bay. If you are near the Burj Khalifa towers, just drive on the Sheikh Zayed Road, towards Jumeirah beach and it would be immediately to your left.

The Dubai International Airport is only about 15 minutes away from the area.

The Companies that Offer Car Rental Services

When you are looking to rent a car in Business Bay Dubai, you should consider yourself to be lucky as there are a number of car rental companies in Dubai who offer their services. The leading names in the industry have a wide range of cars for you to choose from and they also offer you a ton of good deals as well.

However, there are a few things that you should check when you are looking to go with a particular car rental company in Business Bay Dubai. For example, you should know whether the car rental company has a transparent policy in place for reservations, payments, cancellations and things like that. Most of the times, things like that would be uploaded on the website. Do check that out.

How to Book a Car?

You can rent a car in Business Bay Dubai in a number of ways. One of the most convenient ways to do that would be to get online and booking via their website. It just involves the following steps.

  1. Visit the website of the Dubai car rental company
  2. Check out the range of cars they have on offer.
  3. Choose the car based on your needs
  4. Enter your details, book the date, time and the location for car hire.
  5. Some car rental companies might also offer weekly, and monthly car rentals in Business Bay Dubai. So, if you want to rent a car for a longer duration, then you might consider such options.
  6. When you are done, you can simply make the payment and you would get the car at the appointed date, time and place.

As you can see, you can easily rent a car in Business Bay Dubai, when you go to the website of the company. If you have any doubts, feel free to call them or if possible, reach out on WhatsApp and get clarifications before you hire a car in Business Bay.

These are some of the things that you should when you are looking to rent a car Business Bay Dubai. Since most of the businesses have a good deal presence online, you can start search for the best car rental service in Business Bay Dubai online. Shortlist a few companies, compare their prices, look how transparent they are and rent a car in Business Bay Dubai from the right company. We wish you a happy, safe and comfortable ride around town!

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