How to Repair Silicone Dolls?

Whether it is a silicone Sex Doll or a TPE Love Doll, they are all made of simulated dolls and combined with a metal skeleton. There will also be wear or pollution during use. If it is not a product quality problem, then we can also repair it as usual. First, make sure to buy Sex Doll from a regular supplier.

Normally, a bone is not prone to breaking, but if it exceeds the limits of physical activity and flexibility, it can cause salivation problems. While skin is more fragile than real life, TPE is more elastic than silicone but is easily damaged by sharp objects such as knives, debris, etc. Especially the vulva of the best silicone sex dolls is prone to skin tearing.

Generally speaking, if the sex doll accessories have repair glue, if the appearance of the doll is found to be slightly damaged, it can be repaired by itself. So how to solve it?

Repair method of silicon doll

1. First prepare the silicone adhesive and repair tools.
2. Properly clean damaged surfaces.
3. Next, apply the adhesive evenly to both cut surfaces.
4. Apply adhesive on the outside.
5. Wait about 30 minutes for the adhesive to dry.

Remember that Tpe raw material is different from repair adhesive and silicone material because it is made in a high-temperature manufacturing process. Do not overstretch the repaired area. In general, high quality sex dolls injuries can result in hyperactive limbs or can injure hard objects and paraphernalia, so be careful when using dolls!

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