How to Reset your password for QuickBooks Desktop?

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Did you lose your QuickBooks password, want to know how to reset the password? Follow this article to understand what steps you can take to Reset the password. Password protection is very important for the QuickBooks company file. If anyone tries to seat the data or preach into your company they will not get easy access if it’s secured by a password.

There can be numerous chances when you can forget your password but it is crucial to recover the QuickBooks desktop password in order to open the company file. So we will help you in resetting or recover your password without any factory reset in Company File data.

Advantages of Password Security

When people are using any multi-user program then it’s important to protect data within company members. If you give access to a certain number of people from your company then there is less possibility of the restricted user to a case the Company File, Instead, you know the person who shares the common password with you

  • The probability of losing personal data reduce to the maximum.
  • If any hacker tries to preach the company file then password breakdown is a must, but QuickBooks security is capable of high-class security.
  • Company privacy retains.

Perfect Tips to Create Password

  • Use the complex combination of alphabet and numbers with 1 or more than 1 upper and lower case letter.
  • Always ensure that your Caps Lock is off so that your password does not mismatch.
  • Avoid adding space and special characters to the password because QuickBooks does not accept such passwords.
  • Always link your password security with your contact number or Email Id in case you forget the password these can help recover the password.
  • You can also enable hint options which will show you hints related to your password during opening the company file.

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Steps to Reset your password for QuickBooks Desktop

In QuickBooks, you can easily reset your password by:

  • Open the company file and select the company option in the top bar.
  • You will find the Setup user and password option.
  • The system will allow you to Reset the password but first, you have to enter the Current password to show the authority of the company file.
  • After that, you can change the password and re-write the password to confirm it.
  • In the worst scenario, if you forgot your current password then you can proceed to the next format.

Reset Admin Password 

In case you forgot the admin password then you can take the support of I Forgot my password. This option allows you to change the admin password but it requires the account to be linked with the personal contact no. Or Email Id.


Where you will get the verification message. After the confirmation from the admin on that verification massage or OTP, you get permission to change the password.


Password protection is very necessary for the company file as with password security no one can directly open your company file without your permission. Limited members of your company can access the company to whom you have shared the password. In any scenario, if you forget the password then you can easily reset your password for QuickBooks desktop by the following procedures.

Moreover, you can also take assistance from our QuickBooks desktop support team of experts. If you are unable to reset the password you can contact us on the toll-free number i.e., 1-800-615-2347.

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