How to resolve AOL Email not working issues?

AOL Email Not Working Issues

If you are having issues viewing and receiving the AOL mail, a few things could be caused. Most of the problems can be fixed with some troubleshooting steps. You can try the steps given below, and you will know how to fix AOL not receiving email.

Fix AOL Email Problems 

To fix the issues with AOL email, you can try the below methods and fix the AOL not working problems. 

Fix 1: Check Filters

A filter can sometimes cause emails to bypass the inbox and be sent to either the trash folder or a different folder. You may need to check any filters you have created to ensure your messages are adequately organized. 

Fix 2: Learn About Delivery Delays

Messages are usually delivered the right way though very rarely, there may be a delay in transit. This is often due to issues on the mail server, routing problems, or heavy interest traffic. Unfortunately, other than waiting, you will not be able to determine if the message is delayed or undelivered. If possible, you can ask the sender to resend the message to check if you can get the message a second time. 

Fix 3: Check For Emails In Your Spam Folder

If you see your emails in your spam folder that do not belong there, you will need to mark the messages as ‘not spam. You need to sign in to AOL mail. Then click the spam folder and select the message that is not spam. Later on, at the top of the page, you have to click not spam. 

Fix 4: AOL email not working on Mac

It is one of the major issues for AOL not working on macIt is often occurred by an incorrectly configured STMP server. All you have to do is to click on the mail menu and then select the options preferences. Later, tap on the option accounts tab and then click on the AOL email you face. Find the server settings and then tap on it. You have to change it to the AOL email server at the outgoing AOL mail menu. To verify these server settings, use a menu and then tap in edit STMP server list. You have to check the outgoing AOL mail servers list then and find out the AOL email entry and then ensure all the settings are adequate. 

Also, the settings may ask you to provide more information on the AOL email account during the troubleshooting steps. You can use the following:

SMTP server address:

SMTP user name: Your AOL screen name

SMTP password: Your AOL mail password

SMTP port: 587

SMTP TLS/SSL: Required

IMAP server: that is

IMAP User Name: That is your screen name

IMAP password: That is your AOL mail password

IMAP Port: which is 993

IMAP TLS/SSL: set it to Required

Using the above fixes, you will know how to resolve the problem with the AOL email. Follow the instructions properly. 

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