How to Resolve Gmail Not Working on Android Issue?

Gmail is the top-most email platform today with a user-friendly interface and unique features. However, we have heard users complaining about Gmail not working issue on Android devices. It can be a really frustrating experience for users when their Gmail stops working. Also, it can halt your work at once if your business communication entirely depends on Gmail. But you don’t need to worry anymore because we are here to help you!

Troubleshoot Gmail Not Working Error

There can be a number of reasons why your Gmail app stopped working on your Android device. But the good news is that you can fix the error yourself. Here are the most effective ways to resolve your Gmail not working problem.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of the Gmail app. The outdated version won’t work properly and may not sync with the Gmail server.


  • Restarting your device is the oldest trick that still works. It force stops the apps from working in the background and refreshes the memory to enhance the performance of your applications.


  • Your Gmail app will not work without a stable internet connection. So, check if your Wi-Fi is weak or your mobile data plan has expired. If not, then proceed with the next step.


  • Your Gmail app needs to be synced with your Android device to function. So, go to Settings on your device and scroll down to the Data Usage option. Click the check box with the Sync Gmail option.


  • Clearing app data and cache memory can also help in resolving the Gmail app not working issue. So, clear the app data and reboot your device.


  • Gmail login problems can happen if you are entering the wrong login credentials or forgot your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it easily. Gmail login problems can also be fixed by uninstalling and installing your Gmail app again.

Hopefully, your Gmail will start working again on your Android device after trying out these troubleshooting ways. If not, you can reach out to Gmail Customer Support Service to get an instant solution.


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