How to Resolve Norton Error Message: “Server error” on Mac?

Norton has been rated among the top 5 antiviruses in the recent year as it provides high-end security services. Helping your computer and other devices to block online and cyber risks, Norton Setup antivirus offers a phenomenal set of features depending on your requirements. However, after giving such cutting-edge features, Norton also leads many errors at times, its one of the common error is Norton Server error on Mac.

For Mac users, a common Norton Server error occurs. The Error may lead to Norton sign in errors and other errors related to your Norton account. You can resolve Norton error message “Server error” on Mac by following the steps mentioned below.

Uninstall Norton:

  1. In your OS X, go to Finder and Navigate to Applications
  2. Double-click on your Norton product you want to remove
  3. If you are automatically prompted to Norton product application window then continue to next step otherwise open the window to check the option mentioned in next step
  4. On the top menu near Apple icon, press the option of Norton Product and then click on Uninstall Norton Security
  5. A confirmation pop-up of ‘Uninstall Norton product’ will appear, click confirm or Uninstall and continue
  6. Enter your Administrator name and password to give access to uninstall the software and click Install helper
  7. When directed to next, click Restart Now option available in the uninstall window

After completing the procedure to uninstall Norton successfully, you need to remove the license from any new device in order to continue to resolve the Norton error.

Remove license from any new device:

  1. Open and updated web browser and go to
  2. Sing to your Norton Account and if you don’t have an account then create one by clicking on Create an Account option available right next to sign in button
  3. After signing in to your Norton account, go to the Device page and select the device(s) you are no more using and click on the three dots symbol
  4. Select Delete Device
  5. A Remove Device confirmation window will generate, click Remove and continue

Once you are done with the steps of removing license authority from any unwanted device(s), go ahead to install Norton setup on your device.

Install Norton:

  1. Enter your login details and login to your Norton Account if required (In case of automatic sign out) Or else you will be prompted automatically to your account
  2. If you see your Norton Product with an active download button on the home page, click and continue, or else go to Norton Setup window click Download Norton
  3. Click Agree to the Terms and Conditions and download
  4. Click OK and save Norton file and open the file once done
  5. Double-click on the Norton product installer
  6. Start installing by clicking on Agree and install Norton
  7. Follow the instructions showing on the screen to carry on with the installation process
  8. Click Continue after the LiveUpdate finishes installing the updates
  9. If you see the pop-up of ‘Installation Successful’ window click on the Restart button

After you complete all the steps mentioned above successfully, make sure to restart your device to complete the process. If you are unable to fix the error even after following the step or face and complexity while performing any step, you can connect with Norton  for expert services.


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