Canon printer is one of the best electronic devices which helps you in transferring graphics and text from a system to a piece of papers. It offers several features such as faxing, scanning, printing and many other useful functions. Canon is one of the known names which is famous for manufacturing Camera and some other electronic devices. Currently, Canon is serving advanced feature printers to fulfill the needs of the users completely. But due to various reasons, it creates lots of problems in functioning or printing or shows some errors code on the screen. One of the most common errors which are faced by many Canon printer users is the Canon Printer Error Code 5b00. Generally, this Canon Printer error code 5b00 occurs on the screen when users continuous ink system are being installed on them all the time. However, these systems lean to push their printers to a particular limit.


Furthermore, the continuous ink systems can cause the small ink drops in the printers, which can easily fill up the ink pads into it and showing the error code 5b00 on the screen. The error code displays on the screen once the ink pad absorbed has filled up with the ink in the printer. To troubleshoot this issue, you need to follow few simple steps which are easy to follow. But we suggest you follow the steps in the same sequence as illustrated below to avoid trouble and saves lots of time. The steps are mentioned below.

Solutions to Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 5b00

Underneath are some troubleshooting steps which help you in resolving the Canon printer error code 5b00. The below-given steps often utilized on non-multifunction printers. Though, these steps can simply be utilized by both with inkjets and without inkjet printers. Once you finished the restoring method, now your printer’s name will be shown by the name ‘Copy 1’  you need to connect with the computer system. Learn how to install a default printer on your computer system easily. Before going with the process, we suggest you follow the steps correctly. Here how to do it:

  1. Firstly, switch off the Canon printer by long pressing the ‘On/Off’ tab.
  2. Then, long press the ‘Stop/Reset’ tab.
  3. While long clicking the ‘Stop/Reset’ button, tap the on/off tab located on the printer to again turn the printer on and off.
  4. Again, navigate to the ‘Stop/Reset’ button and double click on it in a continuous row with the light pressing motions. Make sure that while doing it you have pressed the ‘On/Off button.
  5. Move to keys that were clicking by you and wait till rest of the keys appears on the screen.
  6. Finally, click on the ‘Stop/Reset’ tab continuously 5 repeated times and lastly, click on the ‘On/Off’ tab instantly almost two times.

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