How to Resolve the Dell Printer Paper Jam Issue?

How to Resolve the Dell Printer Paper Jam Issue

Dell Printer is one of the popular printing devices allows its users to print various types of documents stored in their computer. It is also known for its quality printing, effective scanning process. etc. However, some of its users are complaining about its paper jam issue, although this issue can be resolved easily. If you are unable to fix this issue on your own, you must follow some of the troubleshooting steps in order to get this issue fixed. In case, you need further assistance, you should call one of our Dell printer customer service experts.

Steps to Fix Dell Printer Paper Jam

  • First, you need to turn the printer off and unplug the printer from the A/C outlet.
  • Then, open the printer and check the paper path where the paper jam took place.
  • You can see the papers being crumpled or wadded up. So carefully, remove all the jammed papers.
  • When the printer appears to be angled incorrectly, it may be misfeeding through the printer. Remove the paper sheet and reinsert the paper, make sure that the paper guides are adjusted correctly.
  • Now, close the printer cover.
  • Plug the printer into the A/C outlet.
  • Turn the printer back on.
  • Finally, check if it is printing perfectly.

After following the above steps, your paper jam issue will be resolved surely.

Reach Us at Our Service

If you need further guidance in order to fix the issue of the paper jam, you must try calling one of our Dell printer customer service experts to get all possible support. Our technical experts are available 24/7 to provide you all sorts of help.

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