How to Resolve the issue of Google Pixel Battery Replacement by yourself?

Looking for Google pixel battery replacement? As we know these days Google Pixels become popular day by day. There are so many reasons to like Google pixel. But if your Google pixel overheats quickly then it will be a crucial issue that will disturb your work routine. There are many issues that contribute to poor Google pixel battery life such as screen brightness, faster processors, number of applications, moving background themes, and many more. Charging the phone all day long can be hectic so you must take certain measures to extend the battery life of your device so that you will save your money. Phones are expensive so you should be very careful before your Google pixel battery replacement.

There are some important tip and trick which will help you to resolve this issue little bit and save your money as possible before you go for battery replacement:

  1. Go to setting -> Battery check out the list of apps that are running and draining more battery than the other, which results to heat up. Disable those apps by force stop. This helps you to resolve this issue.
  2. Uninstall the apps which are not useful.
  3. Use a screen automatic screen lock.
  4. Use lesser battery using wallpapers and themes in your Google pixel battery


Final words

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