How to Resolve Vape Juice-Related Issues

In most ways, vaping is like any other activity that involves the use of a technological device. If you have a basic understanding of the device you’re using, practice consistent maintenance and upkeep of it, and use it in a responsible way, following directions, the use of that device will go a lot more smoothly. However, that obviously doesn’t mean that even if you do everything right, nothing will ever go wrong with your vape hardware. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with trouble shooting issues regardless of whether they’re the result of user error or device malfunction.

There Are Flavor Problems

Vape juice flavor issues are very often coil-related. Those issues almost always involve vape juice that tastes burnt or otherwise unpleasant. It may have too much of a chemical or alcohol flavor or simply taste bad or wrong. Worn out coils can be responsible for bad flavor, particularly a burnt flavor. However, new coils that have not been “primed” by soaking them in vape juice before use can cause that as well. A chemical or alcohol flavor with vape juice can often be fixed by “steeping” your vape juice. And one of the best ways to resolve or prevent flavor issues is by thoroughly cleaning your tank, your coils, and the rest of your mod routinely.

The Device Is Leaking

The most common cause of vape hardware leaking is improperly filling it with vape juice. Over-filling can certainly do it, as can filling it up in a way that results in fluid being poured into the tube that runs from the coil to the drip tip or other mouthpiece. So watch those fills. Even if you’re getting your vape juice wholesale, you don’t want to be wasting it! Another spill-causing culprit can be simply not tightening everything sufficiently; “cross-threading,” or screwing it back together incorrectly; and even over-tightening. Check to be sure the o-ring is intact to ensure your vape hardware can seal properly. These are just a few of the causes of a leaky device. There’s also a chance you might just need a new piece of vape hardware.

Sucking Vape Juice Into Your Mouth

As is the case with a leaky vape, if you’re sucking vape juice into your mouth when taking hits, the problem could be over-filling. Along with leaking and gurgling, splashing vape juice into the cylinder can definitely result in e cig juice being drawn into your mouth along with vapor. It can also be the result of drawing too hard or too quickly, making it so you end up simply sucking up more than the coil can accommodate.

The angle at which you use your vape hardware can also be a factor. Vape devices aren’t necessarily separated from the e juice tank with absolutely fluid-tight seals. Holding it with the tank at a higher angle than the mouthpiece will often result in fluid leaking from the tank down the tube and right into your mouth. The earlier-mentioned leaky tank can also be at fault.

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