How To Resolve Verizon Router Blinking White Issue?

If the light on your Verizon router is solid white, it means that the router is functioning smoothly without any error. The internet connectivity and everything is in the stable condition. If you see, Verizon FiOS router blinking white light. It means that the router is rebooting. Usually white light indicates the normal working if a Wi-Fi connection. But if the light is blinking, it can mean that the router is rebooting or updating. It can also happen due to software issue where your devices will be connected to the Wi-Fi connection without any access to the internet. Let’s have a look at some of the ways to resolve the issue.

Steps to fix blinking white light on Verizon router:

  • Contact your Internet Service Provider to see if there is any server issue.
  • Make sure that the router is switched on properly and connected to the internet.
  • Check all the wires and plugs connected to the router and see if there is any faulty wiring.
  • Restart the router and turn in on after a few seconds to see if the light on the router is stable.
  • Reset the router back to factory default settings.

If you still find FiOS router blinking white, contact Verizon service center. There can be an issue or maintenance breakdown from their end due to which there is no internet access.

The blinking of the yellow light on the router indicates that there is no internet connection in the router. Let’s see how you can fix Verizon FiOS router yellow lightIt can be resolves through rebooting the router. You can also perform the soft reset on the router to get back the connection. Press the reset button for 2 seconds. Unplug the wires and cables from the electric socket and wait for a minimum. Plug them back again and check if the light has stopped blinking yellow.

Another feature on the router is Verizon WPS button which helps you connect different devices to the router. You can enable the settings and then press the WPS button on both the devices to establish a connection.

In order to configure the settings after performing any function. You can complete Verizon FiOS router loginOpen a web browser in a device connected to the router. Type the IP address and click enter. Then, enter the username and password of the Verizon router and click enter to login.


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