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Dolphin receives quartz Weishi Peti

After leaving the New York jet one day, the four-point Weis Petty found a new home in the United States of America.

According to the Alliance Media, Miami dolphins received this quarter-saving in the fourth year of their career.

There is currently a first quartz tolean – Tamnehh, Subject, wholesale jerseys Si David (David Fales), and Si David, Si David, Si David, BROCK OSWEILER. Petty is expected to be a four-point guard with Fils Competition.

Before the draft, there was a rumor wholesale jerseys from china that dolphins were intentionally used to sign the four-point guard, but in the end they did not want. Dolphins finally took away the defensive defending cards in the first two rounds – Fitzpatrick and the near-end Tmiek, Mike Gesicki.

Petty is a 4-year show in 2015. In the past two seasons, Patty has been in the past two seasons. The results of the jet, the record 1-6, the pass rate of 53.1%, advanced 1353 yards, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping achieved 4 reaches, being copied 10 times.

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