How to run a Business of Logistics Freight Company as a Mompreneur?

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Have you ever thought about being the Mompreneur? Do you want to know who mompreneur is? Well, they are working as a female business owner where they are striving hard to balance the role of being a mother and as an entrepreneur.

Making your way into the business world after giving birth to a toddler is not an easy task at all. You are involving yourself in some hardships and exhausting journeys which are not easy to end up. You can just make yourself a successful mompreneur by balancing your lifestyle with the dream and goals of motherhood.

But in the middle of this whole journey, you will face some hard struggles and challenges which are not less than an obstacle in your way. As a customs broker freight forwarder entrepreneur, you are putting all your skills of creativity, management, and productivity into your business, which you can, later on, imply while running your home.

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Let’s just not waste a single second and highlight a few of the major challenges which a mompreneur faces in raising a child. Plus, we are also presenting you with some solutions to cope up with the challenges coming your way. Have a look below!

Struggle no 1: Mommy Guilt

Mommy guilt will always stop the moms from venturing towards the new business. Probably they will give up or it might sabotage their potential success. This is one such guilt that almost every single mom will experience as soon as they step into the logistics freight company working world. It will make you realize that you are giving your time to something else and not to your kids.

Solution: Its best solution would be to let your kids be the reason and not your excuse. Be the example for your kid as a courageous, confident, and self-reliant working mother. You should be an image for your kid where they should be proud of yourself as working women.

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Struggle no 2: Lack of Support

The next major challenge is the lack of support! A working mother is never taken seriously because everyone has a conception in mind that how come they will successfully manage two worlds together. And therefore, they are never given the supportive shoulder which they deserve the most.

There will be many people around you who will roll their eyes off when you announce to start your own business. This is a human nature that might dishearten you often.


Solution: One best advice for the aspiring mompreneur is to search for a mentor to simply provide guidance, great inspiration, perspective, high access to tools and connections, and so on.  It is also obvious that as you move towards success, you will face so much jealousy and hatred from the people who might make you feel lonely. This is the point when you have to find your sisterhood and build a strong community around you.

Struggle no 3: Stay True to Yourself

The last and most important struggle is to stay true to yourself. Trust me, balancing two worlds together is not an easy task at all. By managing one side, the other side might feel neglected.

Solution: To better deal with this scenario, you should stay true to your both personalities of being a mother and as a businesswoman. None of them should be compromised at any point.

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Tips to solve the problems of working mothers

  • Make sure you organize and plan all your work at home beforehand so that you will reach your office on time.
  • Besides, make a complete list of all those works which you have to do at home after finishing the office tasks.
  • If you are a working mother, it is extremely important to have close relationships with your in-laws, siblings, parents, and relatives. They are the ones who will be your moral support in a hard time.
  • Inform your boss that your family is equally important just like your work. Both should go hand-in-hand together with business.


No doubt that being a mother and a working lady is not an easy task at all. You will meet numerous obstacles and struggles coming in your way all the time even if you achieve success. You just need to stay motivated and dedicated towards your goal and deal with the struggles with calmness. It’s time to be the perfect example for society!


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